The Curious Case of Bhim Army Founder Chandrasekhar AKA Ravan

If you are a Dalit and want to pay back the Manuwadis in same coin, think again. The heartless, savage and barbarian Manuwadis will do everything to stop you. They are beast and don’t have a heart. They lack empathy.  A young man named Chandrasekar founded Bhim Army with sole objective to fight back the increasing atrocities by Manuwadi forces on innocent Dalits.

What did he get in return?

No sooner he was arrested and that too with false charge. He was jailed for long but managed to secure bail from High Court recently. Before he could see freedom a serious and false ‘national security’ charge was slapped against him and detained by Manuwadi UP government led by  a criminal narcissist thug turned Chief Minister goes by name Yogi Adityanath.  The young man Chandrasekhar was beaten up by so called upper caste criminal inmates inside jail. After he was rejailed he was allegedly beaten up by police and now fighting for life in District Hospital in Lucknow.

So what actually happened?

Chandrasekhar was accused by criminal Yogi Government as main conspirator in Saharanpur riot case and serious charges under various sections of IPC was slapped on him, and subsequently he was put in jail.

Chandrasekhar was a lawyer and he founded Bhim Army to help Dalits fight back and empower them to realize their full potentials. It runs around 300 schools for Dalit students to study without fear of caste discrimination and harassment. The schools are run by Dalit teachers. Bhim Army protested vociferously against caste atrocities that are reported almost Daily basis. It garnered support of large number of Dalits in less time, which alarmed the right wingers.

The criminal Manuwadis were looking for a pretext to arrest Chandrasekhar and finally they found one in Saharanpur riot case. Chandrasekhar has nothing to do with the riot. Neither he was he in Saharanpur at the time of riot nor he hail from that town. He merely protested against the riots in Delhi as Dalits were the victims in the riot. The state machinery including police sided with Thakurs and house of Dalits were burnt and were chased out fro, the villages.

The Saharanpur riot was between the so-called upper caste Thakurs and Dalits.  It started when so called high caste Thakurs took a procession of their Hero Maharana Pratap through Dalit villages with provocative slogans and playing loud music. No permission was taken from the village cheif for the procession. The Dalits protested, which led to a clash between two caste groups.  Dalits were beaten up and their houses were burned with active aid of police.

After the incident many protests took places across India by Dalit organizations. Chandrasekhar organized a massive protest in Delhi against Saharanpur violence. He demanded compensation for victims and called for a Mahapanchayat ( A grand villeage level assembly). The police disrupted the assembly and he was arrested and accused as main conspirator in the riot case – a case where he has nothing to do anyway. The UP High Court granted him bail after years in jail but the very next day UP government detained him and subsequently arrested by slapping national security charge.

The arrest and harassment of Chandrasekhar by Criminal Yogi is done in behest of RSS. Yogi Adiyanath has countless criminal charges pending against him. He is a casteist monster and rabid Muslim hater. Once he even advocated raping dead Muslim women. Now the criminal self-rightous  Manuwadis have become judge and law unto themselves.

It is to be noted that many right wing organizations like RSS, Bajrang Dala, Hindu Sena, Rama Sena etc exist, who openly advocate and indulge in violence against minorities, Dalits and Tribals. Their very existence is against secular principles of constitution. They openly indulge in  lynching, abusing women and disrupting activities of others but go scot-free.

The Manuwadis could not tolerate a small organization like Bhim Army that advocates welfare of Dalits and take up their cases. The future of Dalits is very bleak. Chandrasekhar was ray of hope for Dalit community but now he is fighting for his life.


Four So-Called Jawans Gangrape a School Girl in Koraput

A 14 year tribal school girl in Koraput was brutally raped by four men. Guess what? The rapists are men in uniform, a unit of CRPF. The culprits are not arrested yet. Rape was confirmed in the medical report. But the regional DIG of police has washed police hand off from the case by stating that the two Jawan camps are 25 kilometers from the place of rape and so the jawans can’t be held responsible.

The logic of this high official is ridiculous. Koraput is a Naxal affected area and the army have vehicles at their disposal. The Jawans patrol the area in motorcycles. The place where rape happened falls in their jurisdiction. The raped girl has clearly said four men in uniform has raped her in a isolated are in the jungle.

The girl was returning home alone from a nearby town named Kunduli, when the rapist Jawans intercepted her, and took her to isolated area in jungle and took turns to rape her brutally. Her family also said that the four rapists are in Jawans. This is not first time these evil police forces have raped any tribal girl. In nearby district Malkangiri, personnel belonging to CRPF have raped many tribal girls. Their atrocities on tribal women in Chattisgarh is well documented, but the rapist forces are roaming free.

The Odisha Govt and police are  trying to suppress the incident because it is a blot to their image. First they blamed the naxals for rape. The Naxals strongly denied their role. But now they are blaming victim’s kin. Four of the relatives of victim were detained and intogorrated. It is nothing but harassment and threat to these hapless people to change their statement.

It is shame the Chief Minister of state Navin Pattnaik has not done anything except condemning . The live of tribal and Dalits have cheap to these evil race. Imagine their mindset when they can rape a 15 years school girl so brutally and mercilessly. More shocking is their holier than thou attitude and disowning the incident blaming the victim instead. This is typical solipsist Hindu mentality.

The entire state machinery, police and judiciary are anti-Dalits and anti-tribals. Tribal are indigenous people of the Koraput region.  The Manuwadis have gone to settle there and have established their base in Koraput and small nearby towns like Patangi, Semiliguda  etc. Their main objective is to garb lands of tribal through devious methods and procure goods produced by tribal people at very cheaper rate and sell them high on urban market.

The tribal of Koraput are slowly losing their habitats and lands. The innocent people can’t fight the evil Manuwadi with polic, judiciary and army in their hand.

You Sport a Mustache? You Can be Killed in India for it!

Recently, a notorious upper caste group called Patels have mercilessly and brutally killed a 21 years old Dalit youth named Jayesh Solnak in Anand district of Gujarat.  And his crime? He was watching garba dance performed by a Patel family from a distance. The killers made casteist remark and told him Dalits had no right to even watch dance, while thrashing him mercilessly. Finally, a precious life lost.

Just few days before the incident in the same state, another Dalits was badly beaten up for sporting mustache. Till now three such incidents of beating for wearing mustaches have been reported from the state of Gujarat. I have no words to condemn the incidents. You have must heard of untouchability. It’s basis is not other than the caste system and it has no parallel in the world.

Have you ever heard of crimes based on trifling reasons like this? While the world cries foul over racism it ignores casteism, which is the earliest form of racism, and which still goes on in India unabated. The criminals who belong to so-called upper castes go scot-free sooner or later during the legal course because the police, state machinery and judiciary all manned by so-called upper castes people.

I reiterate casteism is the oldest and most severe form of racism. In fact it is mother of racism. The world needs to recognize the fact. You can easily identify a Dalit person from the so-called upper caste stocks by their racial features. Dalits like Africans have dark(lighter) skin. They have short stature, thin, flat nose(mostly), and wide face. In contrast, the so-called upper castes akin to European. They are fair, long and pointy nose, and tall head. With a mere glance once can identify a Dalit and so-called upper caste persons.

Originally, the color of skin was the basis of caste division when the foreigners Aryans came and settled India. They used derogatory terms like Dasa (slave) and Dasyu (docaits) against the original inhabitants Dalits and Tribals to distinguish themselves. The Indian branch of Aryan race is most wicked race in the world.  They are the extremist solipsist in the world, who believes they can do no wrong. They justify the worst of crimes they commit. They legalized caste system using religion to have absolute control over indigenous people like Dalits and Tribal, who were settled and peaceful community of the land.

The Indo Aryans so called upper castes deny their foreign origin. The white Europeans, who conquered USA, Canada and Australia expressed their regret and apologized to indigenous tribal people for their crimes and misdeed against the latter. Don’t expect that from upper caste (so-called) Indians. They are absolutely shameless solipsists.

Durga Puja or Slut Puja?

Durga Puja or Dussehara is a grand festival celebrated in India with much fan fare by Manuwadi. Like other Hindu mythologies having contradictory narratives, Durga Puja too have many narratives behind it. The predominant and widely accepted narrative is that Durga (symbol of good) defeated Mahisasur (symbol of evil).  Before we delve deep into the claim of narrative let’s discuss the genesis of Durga Puja.

Brief History

The first mention of the word ‘Durga’ is found in Markandey Purana, a scripture written in 250-500 AD. However the celebration of the festival is fairly recent, dating some 250-300 years back. Bizarre may it sound it was Raja Narbakrishnadev of Calcutta organized the first Durga Puja to honour  Lord Clive, under whom British own the Battle of Plassey in 1757 defeating combined forces of three kings that include Nawab of Bengal. From then the celebration gained traction, and spread to the other areas. Now you can understand why Durga Puja is wildly popular in West Bengal than in any other states.

It is very important to note that around the same time as Durga Puja, many tribal people in Bihar, Jharkhand and Bengal observe Mahisasur Shradh Divas, a day of mourning for their great indigenous king Mahisasur, who was killed deceptively.  Ever since Durga Puja started, the Mahisasur Shradh Divas has been overshadowed and its celebration has been made a criminal offense.

The True Narrative

The indigenous narrative of Tribals/locals, which in the absence of a written form, has been passed in oral form generation after generation. Only recently attempts are being made to compile them in written form. The narrative is far superior than the Brahminical version. Not just Durga puja, the Brahmins have made up many false and imaginative stories to mislead people maintain their status quo and perpetuate their hegemony.

The tribal version of Durga Puja is far superior than Brahminical version in that it speaks only facts. First, the tribal version accepts that their king Mahisasur (Buffalo God) has in fact been killed. It does not try to convert a defeat into a win. Second, it tallies with Brahmincial version that Mahisasur was killed in the ninth day.  Third, it agrees with the fact that the indigenous (tribal/Dravidian) were subsequently defeated by the outsiders in the war.

So where tribal version is differs from Brahminical version?

The war between Durga and Mahisasur was not a war between good and evil. In fact it was a war between Non-Aryans versus Aryans, between foreigners and indigenous people. Mahisasur was an extremely powerful tribal king in the Bong region. He was well known for his brute force like Samson.  The cunning and war mongering Aryans failed to defeat Mahisasur. They hatched a plan and sent an extremely beautiful yet shrewd prostitute named Durga. Mahisasur was blown away by her beauty and charm. Mahisasur made the mistake there. He married her, who killed him in the ninth day of their honeymoon when he was asleep tired after sex.  The death of Mahisasur sent shock wave in his kingdom and a brutal slaughter of non-Aryans by Aryans followed. The sheer scale and brutality of slaughter was such that they Aryans made garland with heads of defeated people’s head and draped it around Durga’s neck.

You will be surprised to learn that high caste prostitutes in Bengal identify Durga as their main clan member, and they take pride of it. Many places in Bengal where Durga Puja is celebrated since long have the custom to collect mud from local prostitutes’ house and build Durga’s statue with it.

The bottom line is that the defeat of Mahisasur was not straight forward, but through deception and cunningness. Durga was actually not a God. She was a prostitute, who gained status of God after treacherously killing her husband Mahisasur. There are overwhelming evidence to it, but the cunning Manuwadi  hid the inconvenient truth.

Financial Scandals of Brahmins and Banias in Independent India

Overwhelming majority of the scandals in independent India are committed by  people belonging Brahmins and Banias. They have looted the country and its resources like land and minerals.  They have defamed only so-called lower caste leaders such as Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mayawati. With the help of Media which they control and Govt. they sponsor, these Brahmin and Bania leaders from Brahminical parties have able to label only so-called lower castes leaders as corrupt and themselves as honest.

The first scandal in independent India was committed by a Brahmin named V.K.Krishna Menon in 1948 when he bypassed protocol and signed a deal worth 80 lakhs with a foreign company to purchase 400 Army Jeeps. The trend has continued. The Brahmins, Banias and few from upper castes have defrauded of country and looted it at the expense of Dalits and Tribal.

Today, India ranks first in social inequality and 2nd in economic inequality in the world.Let’s have a look at big financial scandals and which caste groups were involved in those.

Scandals by Brahmins

  • Basil International = $530 million (Brahmin)
  • Sahara scandal = $9 billion (Brahmin)
  • Sharada scandal = $6 billion (Brahmin)
  • Common Wealth Games = $12 billion (Brahmin)
  • DDCA = $14 million (Brahmin)
  • Pixion Media = $100 million (Brahmin)
  • Surya Pharma = $100 million (Brahmin)
  • Electrotherm India Limited = $332 million (Brahmin)
  • Vijay Mallya = $1.3 billion (Brahmin)
  • Winsome Diamond = $400 million (Brahmin)
  • Surya Vinayak Industries = $210 million (Brahmin)
  • Coal scandal = $40 billion (Brahmin)
  • Jayalalithaa = $6 billion (Brahmin)
  • IGI Airport = $32 billion (Brahmin)
  • DIAL Scam = $25 billion (Brahmin)
  • Granite scandal = $2.8 billion (Brahmin)
  • Maharashtra Irrigation scandal = $12 billion (Brahmin)
  • Karnataka Wakf Board Land scandal = $39 billion (Brahmin)
  • Central Excise Duty fraud = $3.82 billion (Brahmin)
  • Highway scandal = $13.97 million (Brahmin)
  • Gift scandal = $100,000 (Brahmin)
  • Flying Club fraud = $38 million (Brahmin)
  • Arvind Joshi and Tinu Joshi = $50 million (Brahmin)
  • Obsolete French Fighter Jets = $11 billion (Brahmin)
  • Goa mining scandal = $700 million (Brahmin)
  • Kashyap EPFO scandal = $118 million (Brahmin)
  • ISRO-Devas = $300 million (Brahmin)
  • Cash-for-votes = $715,000 (Brahmin)
  • 2G spectrum = $6.9 billion (Brahmin)
  • Commonwealth Games = $15.5 billion (Brahmin)
  • LIC Housing Loan scandal = $200 million (Brahmin)
  • Belekeri port = $12 billion (Brahmin)
  • UIDAI = $1 billion (Brahmin)
  • Scorpene Deal = $10 million (Brahmin)
  • Barak Missile = $200 million (Brahmin)
  • Cobbler scandal = $214 million (Brahmin)
  • Sukh Ram = $5 million (Brahmin)
  • SNC Lavalin = $10 million (Brahmin)
  • Bhansali = $200 million (Brahmin)
  • Pickle bribes = $20,000 (Brahmin)
  • Indian Bank = $260 million (Brahmin)
  • Bofors = $400 million (Brahmin)
  • HDW commissions = $4 million (Brahmin)
  • Haridas Mundhra = $10 million (Brahmin)
  • Teja loans = $5 million (Brahmin)
  • BHU = $100,000 (Brahmin)
  • Jeep scandal = $160,000 (Brahmin)

Scandals by Banias

  • Murli Industries = $135 million (Bania)
  • Kemrock Industries = $140 million (Bania)
  • Varun Industries = $183 million (Bania)
  • Zoom Developers = $275 million (Bania)
  • Forever Precious Jewellery = $200 million (Bania)
  • Corporate Ispat Alloys = $205 million (Bania)
  • Vodafone Scandal = $1.9 billion (Bania)
  • Kinetic Finance scandal = $34 million (Bania)
  • Ultra Mega Power Projects scandal = $5 million (Bania)
  • Gujarat PSU = $3.39 billion (Bania)
  • Pulse scandal = $200,000 (Bania)
  • IPL Cricket = $8 billion (Bania)
  • Ketan Parekh = $200 million (Bania)
  • Calcutta Stock Exchange = $2 million (Bania)
  • Harshad Mehta = $800 million (Bania)
  • Nagarwala = $1 million (Bania)
  • Kuo oil scandal = $440,000 (Bania)

Some other scandals by so-called upper castes

  • Deccan Chronicle = $100 million (Upper caste)
  • Orchid Chemicals = $150 million (Upper caste)
  • Jaganmohan Reddy = $15 billion (Upper caste)
  • Andhra Pradesh land scandal = $20 billion (Upper caste)
  • Maharashtra stamp duty scandal = $126 million (Upper caste)
  • Punjab paddy scandal = $3.59 million (Upper caste)
  • Bellary mines scandal = $3.2 billion (Upper caste)
  • Adarsh Housing Society (Upper caste)
  • Lavasa = $80 million (Upper caste)
  • APIIIC = $2 billion (Upper caste)
  • Vasundhara Raje land scandal = $4.4 billion (Upper caste)
  • Satyam = $1 billion (Upper caste)
  • Natwar Singh = $10 billion (Upper caste)
  • Advani Hawala = $18 million (Upper caste)


Racist Manuwadis Beat Up Nigerian Students Badly in Noida

Recent attack on Nigerian students in Noida by Manuwadi people might come as a shock to many around the world but not to people like me who know these lesser humans from inside out. The beating was so brutal that a sane person can’t watch such gruesome video scenes. The reason of this atrocity is more shocking. Some school kid died of drug overdose but no one knows who did supply. But Nigerians by their skin color by default found in their suspicion. Many Nigerians students in the locality were brutally beaten up.

Shocking as may it sound Racism has its origin in India. This started after the arrival of the most wicked fair-skinned Aryans. They used terms like Dasa and Dasyu to refer to dark skinned-Dravidians. Many may not know Casteism is the earliest and most cruel of racism. The distinction is based on color. The so called middle castes were of later oirgin. Even today, you can easily distinguish a Brahim and Dalit by their racial features. The Brahmins and many upper castes Sindhi and Punjabis in North India have fair skin and facial feature similar to Central Asian and Europeans, which natives like Dalits and Tribal approximate Africans.

It is pity that modern definition of Racism does not include casteism as a form of racism though the racial features of people and discrimination and cruelty more severe than racism practiced in Casteism. Take for example the practice of untouchability. The Dalits have separate place to live and many public places like road, waterpump, ponds etc are not accessible to them. The so-called upper castes practice a form of total boycott against the Dalits.

Even  death does not resolve of the prejudice of these Manuwadi bastards. Recently, Gujarat assembly approved separate crematorium for so-called upper caste population and Dalits. The practice is there since time immemorial but it is first attempt to legalize this cruel form of inequality. One can easily see the mindset of these savages.

The Manuwadis cry foul over slightest incident against them  abroad but at home they practice racism of worst kind against the North east people, the Dalits and Tribal.  The savage incident against innocent Nigerian students are eye openers for the world to see what a filth animal these Manuwadi beasts are.


Why Manuwadis Fake Patriotism?

After BJP has come to power the fervor with which the word ‘patriotism’ is trumpeted will make  a sane person go insane. They say for them India comes FIRST and other things a distant second. Unsurprisingly, they justify their deeds and misdeeds by invoking patriotism. Even hard core criminal like Chotta Rajan resorted to patriotism in his defense. I will uncover why these vile creatures harp on patriotism all the time.

It is open secret that these casteist beasty people did not participate during India’s independence struggle. They openly colluded with British and did not take part in Quit India movement. After India own independence they started harping on patriotism. I don’t want to go to history but want to make my point in present political setting.

First and foremost, patriotism provides a cover to hide their atrocities on Dalit, Tribal and minorities. If you raise these issues they would say they are more worried about India than the petty issues like caste rape or killing. They conveniently ignore the fact that such incidents occur almost on daily basis. Patriotism suppresses the gross human right violations that go on in many parts of India unabated.

Secondly, the present govt is upper caste, especially Brahmin and Bania friendly. Their policies are geared for benefit of these privileged people and at the expense of majority. Snatching of tribal land in Jharakhand and Chattisgarh, increasing various taxes for commoners, demonetization  raising prices of essential commodities, diesel petrol hike etc. are the tricks to transfer the wealth of masses to privileged few. All these actions of govt being justified on nation interest and invoking patriotism.

Finally, patriotism is a solid excuse to polarize masses on religion basis. They label Muslims and Christians as anti-nationals while proclaim themselves  nationalist. They demand unequivocal support for what the Manuwadi BJP govt doing. Unfortunately, thy have succeeded in their strategy and able to polarize people on religion basis on most states. Even Dalits and tribals are brought into their lies and they rip political dividend.

Throughout history they succeed exploiting Dalit Bahujans through religious agenda and in current age they have turned to propaganda.