Ambedkar-Periyar Students Circle’s Pamphlet at IIT, Madras

I have a copy of the pamphlet, which led to the ban on Ambedkar-Periyar Students Circle (APSC) by the Director of IIT, Madras. The pamphlet is wrongly portrayed as hated towards Modi, which was not. I am attaching the pamphlet for all you to see.

apsc pamphlet

Below is typed version of the content:

Contemporary  relevance  of Dr. Ambedkar

‘Caste’ is a word which has no significance for most of the urban elites in current times. The statement, “I don’t think caste and caste oppression exist today” is popular among academic fraternity. Contrary to this, according to a recent survey, 21% of upper caste population occupy the 75% of power and influential positions in government and private sectors in UP. Similar scenario exists in other states and even in central government organizations. On the other hand, all lower grade and manual jobs are exclusively reserved (i.e. 100 percent reservation for Dalits permanently! Though several reformers have fought and fighting against this rotten xxxx (word not clear) caste system, a scientific and scholarly approach towards caste was initially taken, and its sole authority of brahminical hegemony was rigorously exposed by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

                Caste in Contemporary time has become political tool for ruling class to severe its social oppression over dalits and economically exploiting the working classes. The Modi government while carrying forward its Hinduvta agenda, it is simultaneously assisting the multinational corporate to loot mother India. While implementing pro-corporate moves like Land Acquisition Bill, Insurance bill, Labour laws, corporate favor budget, 100% FDI in PSUs etc. and paving way for the corporate to loot the livelihood of the children of India, it is communally polarizing the common people by the ban on cow slaughtering, gar vapsi program and promoting Vedas etc. In the name of ‘Swedeshi’ they are selling Mother India and dividing her children in the name of communalism. As part of this, they are now revisioning Ambedkar and projecting him as an icon for the vote politics. Ambedkar proposed to annihilate the cast by destroying Hinduism. He says, “You must destroy the Religion of Shrutis and Smritis. Nothing else will avail.” “Hinduism is a veritable chamber of horrors and it must die for caste to vanish.” But in the contemporary days, when caste is supporting the economic exploitation, it can only be annihilated by taking forward struggle against caste simultaneously struggle against the decolonization

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