Dr. W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy: A Victim of Casteist Apartheid at IIT (M)

vasantha kandasamy

The recent controversy in IIT, Madras has become a hot topic of debate. A group of students, name goes by Ambedkar-Periyar Student Circle, brought out a pamphlet containing excerpts of a lecture delivered by a guest academician, exposing the hidden agenda of RSS and the corporate loots of nation that PM Modi is facilitating, has been drubbed as anti-national, anti-Modi and anti-Hindu in social media. The IIT (M) admin is quick to hand out ban accusing the student group of misusing privileges. The people who support the move of the IIT are the people who always hide in their shells when dalits are meted out inhuman atrocities.

IIT (M) is not new to controversy. The majority Iyers and Iyengers there want to carry out hidden agenda of RSS. The campus has many right wing students circles like, the Voice, Vivekanada Study Circle etc., who regularly invite right wing academicians to deliver provocative lectures and openly preach hatred towards other religious communities. The administration does nothing to contain them.

Anyway, today I am going to cite case of a lady Professor, who has been working in IIT, Madras for 24 years but she has not been promoted from Assistant Professor till date. She is a dalit lady and the manuwadi administration has destroyed here career and talent.

Given below is her Bio. Just judge the case yourself.

Name: Dr. W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy

Designation: Assistant Professor, IIT Madras

Total Research Experience: 38 years

Work Experience at IIT: 24 Yrs

Journal Papers: 317 Nos.

Conference Papers Presented: 351 Nos.

Book Published: 50 Nos.

Ph. D students guided: 13

M.Sc and M.Tech Guidance: 72

Does not she deserve a promotion?

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