Brutal Rapes of Dalit Women: Is The World Seeing?

Since ancient times, Dalit women have been victim of upper caste brutalities, which is still going on unabated. In so-called glorious past of Hindus, Dalit women faced unimaginable horrors. In many places, they were not allowed to wear dress above waist. In Kerala, there was once a barbaric cruel tax system called “Breast Tax” levied on the size of the breasts of Dalit women. You can imagine the kind of wickedness the upper caste Hindus inhibit. No wonder Dr. Ambedkar termed the Hindus as most wicked people on the earth.

Atrocities on Dalit women, perpetrated by upper caste people in most cases go unnoticed. The entire system including police and judiciary always take the side of upper castes for simple reason that 80% of officials are upper caste people. Because of few sensitive people and media, a case or two are brought to the notice but accused are let free without being punished. 99.99% chances are that you may not find a prisoner in Indian jail, who is languishing for caste crime.


The recent Badaun gangrape has shocked the world. Two under aged girls (Cousins 15 and 14 years) who went out to attend nature’s call, were kidnapped by people belong to to OBC (Other Backward Castes, who have status higher than the Dalits), brutally raped throughout night, killed and hanged from village tree. The postmortem report confirmed the incident was rape and murder. The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), which is like FBI in USA under Federal Government, reached shocking conclusions that there was no evidence of rape or murder but was a case of suicide. Finally, the accused were set free. The parents of victims are very poor and cannot fight the system

The wicked upper caste people tried to pass the blame to the victims. Some claimed that one of the girls had affair with a boy of other caste and suicide is result of that. Some blamed parents of the victims of killing their own daughters and giving it a color of rape and suicide. These are false rumors obviously for the following reasons:

  1. If one girl had an affair, why the unconnected cousin commit suicide?
  2. It is unimaginable the girls can climb such huge tree. Check the photo below yourself.
  3. The parents have informed the police immediately about missing girls but the police took no action. They even told the name of suspected persons as one of relatives seen the accused dragging the girls but retreated as the accused threatened him.

badaun gang rape

The BJP government ruling at center did nothing to give justice. The current PM is well known for his anti-dalits attitude. He always beat breasts of him being from a low caste but he does not care for people, who are further lower down. Worse, the CBI, which concluded the inquiry in favor of accused, is a central government organization and notorious for doing what central govt. tell them to do.


Unlike the Badaun rape case, the Bolangir rape case has not gained attention but it is no less gruesome. A 15 year old girls named Snehalata, who is a school student, was kidnapped by upper caste men, brutally raped and burned. Till now no arrest has been made so far.

See yourself the pictures below and you can imagine the brutality of crime these wicked people commit on Dalit women and girls.

badaun gang rape of dalit girls

badaun gang rape of dalit girls

It is your responsibility to help this extremely less fortunate people. Raise your voices, speak for them in international forums, pressurize Indian government to upheld dignity of their lives and give justice to them. Write your opinions in blogs and widely publicize the issue Dalit community face. Remember Casteism is more severe than Racism.



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