Dalit Girl Beaten Up Badly as Her Shadow Falls on Upper Caste Man

chhatrapur dalit girl beaten up

Yet another ghastly incident, a dalit minor girl in Madhya Pradesh was badly beaten up, when her shadow fell on upper caste man passing by. The girl was fetching water at a Tubewell. A upper caste man, who was passing by came into contact with her shadow. The infuriated women members of the man came and beat up the dalit girl badly. They threatened to kill the girl if she shows up at Tubewell again.

Reportedly the family members of so-called upper caste man tried to prevent the girl’s family from registering a complaint at police station. However they managed to reach the police station somehow and lodged a complaint two days after the incident. Shockingly, the police has not arrested any person on the pretext that the investigation is still on. The state is ruled by right wing BJP, who don’t give a damn about dalits.

The investigation officer of the case even before concluding investigation has given clean chit to the accused. The investigation officer said that this incident is not related to untouchability but a trifle incident of small fights over fetching water between two parties. Consequently, the police have refused to register a case under The SC and the ST (Prevention of Atrocities Act), 1989. No arrest has been made.

 It is indeed astonishing that nobody is languishing in a jail for atrocity committed against dalits in any prison of India. All the accused are let free routine manner. The entire system including the judiciary, as they are manned by so-called higher castes, collaborates to let upper caste criminals free.

Indian prisons are full with dalits. They comprise the maximum among all the communities as per statistics released by Prison Statistics in India. In Gujrat, where the present PM Narendra Modi ruled for more than a decade, the dalits comprised a staggering 52% among the people lodged in state prisons. This is how RSS and BJP treat dalits.

Even in 21th century dalits are facing untold problems. We must remember what Ambedkar said and be pioneer of our own emancipation. We must never trust and depend upon so-called upper castes for our emancipation as advocated by Gandhi – the enemy of dalits.

Dr. Ambedkar had identified 5 cardinal principles of casteism in India, which dalit community should read and understand and free themselves from the system.

  1. Graded inequality between different classes with untouchables at bottom.
  2. Complete disarmament of untouchables.
  3. Complete prohibition of education to untouchables.
  4. Ban on untouchables occupying places of power and authority.
  5. Ban on untouchables acquiring property.

It is through these methods that dalits have been suppressed for centuries. To break free from the shackles dalits must convert to other egalitarian religions like Islam, Christianity or Buddhism or at least they become atheist.

Remember what Ambedkar had said; Hinduism is veritable chamber of torture. To destroy caste system, you have to destroy Hinduism. I personally feel that, the modern system has bestowed us our own natural rights and freedom and at the same time giving us responsibility to upheld right of others. So friends, destroying Hinduism should not be our objective. Our objective should be to reject it and completely disassociated ourselves from the culture, life style and thinking patterns of Hindus, which is essentially upper caste culture.


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