Rape the Two Dalit Sisters: A Hindu Taliban Style Kangaroo Court Orders

Yet in another shocking incident in Uttar Pradesh, a Kangaroo court, known as Khap Panchayat, which are very common in North India, ordered rape of two sisters aged 23 and 15 years and parading them naked in the village. Their crime is that they are sisters of a dalit man, who eloped with a married woman of higher caste.

The two girls, following the order, have fled the village. Their home has been ransacked by the so-called upper caste men of the village. Shockingly no arrest has been made even though one of the sisters already approached the Supreme Court. The Apex court strangely gave two weeks time to state government to submit a report and has not directed for any action to be taken in this regard.

The issue once again shows the callousness of Indian State (including judiciary) and society to take the dalit question seriously. As always they are in denial mode.

The media though brought the issue to attention; majority of newspaper covertly blamed the sisters’ brother, who is a dalit. The dalit man did not abduct the woman of upper caste. It has been reported that the man had been love with the so-called upper caste woman. But her family got her married to another man against her wish. The woman and the dalit man thus decided to elope.

The blame lies on the society and social institutions that force girls against their own wishes. The caste system prohibits caste exogamy and it is still prevalent various pockets of India. The media is biased and fail to look the issue from correct angel. In the present caste they blamed the dalit man but spared the so-called upper caste woman as though the dalit man kidnapped the woman.

Khap Panchyats have been banned by the Apex court but still they continue to function. The state machinery don’t take any action to stop the activities of these Kangaroo courts because either they are part of the system or fear of repercussions. In the instant case, the Khap leaders should have been arrested for giving such illegal and very harmful order.

One of the two sisters already approached the Apex Court to take cognizance of the issue and ensure their protection. The Supreme Court except ordering a report from the State Government has done nothing. It is not surprising if you know its history of ruling in the dalit related cases.

The saddest part is that an external organization called Amnesty International is taking initiative to ensure justice for the two sisters. The issue has reached United Kingdom parliament but Indian politicians don’t seem to bother.

What you can expect an apologetic state like India! Shame!! Shameful indeed!!!


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