Shame! University of Hyderabad Suspends Five Dalit Students of ASA

The manuwadi RSS force struck again in the campus. This is not IIT (M) but in the University of Hyderabad campus. Their notorious student wing ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) in collusion with administration of University of Hyderabad managed to suspend five dalit students belonging to Ambedkar Student Association (ASA) for one semester. This incident clearly shows the nexus between university administration and right wing forces inside and outside the campus.

Last month there was altercation between ABVP members and ASA. The ASA members, who are in minority in number were beaten up black and blue by the former student wing members. Following which a protectoral enquiry was ordered. The enquiry found opposite of what actually happened. In the report it is alleged that ASA members beat up the ABVP members including Sushil Kumar, who belongs to the outfit and incumbent Student Union President. Basing this biased report, the university administration suspended five dalit students belonging to ASA and just issued a warning letter to Sushil Campus.

Of late, the ABVP is reigning terror in college/university campus all over India. They are indulging in all sort of illegal activities like determining who to invite to campus to speak, what curriculum the institution should adopt, attacking students of other outfits etc. Recently they stopped screening a film of Muzaffarnagar riot in a university campus. In Lucknow University, they disrupted a lecture by left academician. They are celebrating religious festivals in secular institutions like colleges and universities. They are emboldened by recent electoral victory of their parent party BJP, which is now at Center.

The presence of ABVP is a big threat to academic culture in India. They want to impose their right wing agenda in academics and communalize both students and faculty. Unfortunately, it has become impossible of sort to stop them because of the political weapons and influence they wield.


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