Manuwadi Supreme Court is Out to Harass a Dalit Ex-CJI

The manuwadi force at higher echelon back again to harass an eminent dalit ex-CJI (Chief Justice of India) Sh. K.G. Balkrishanan. A PIL had been filed in Supreme Court by a NGO against Sh. Balkrishnan for alleged possession of disproportionate assets. The self styled corruption crusader lawyer Prashant Bhusan is representing the NGO and able to obtain a probe order against Sh. Balkrishnan from Manuwadi judges of Supreme Court.

Certainly, I am not against the probe. What I am against is selective witch hunt – especially of dalits. The current CJI H. L. Dattu has also been accused of possessing disproportionate assets. Most of his properties are in his wife’s name but nobody bothered. Recently, handful of judges of Gujarat High Court were served notice for accepting plots from Gujarat Government for delivering biased judgment in Gujarat riot cases. The Supreme Court subsequently gave a stay order against the notice and since then matter has been discarded. No probe has been ordered yet.

The so-called India’s independent judiciary is now beyond redemption. It is notorious for giving biased judgment against dalits. The judges who supposed to observe neutrality regularly break the protocol. The current CJI openly praised Narendra Modi for his policy. Another judge Justice Anil Dave, who is supposed to uphold constitutional principles of the country, had given said that Gita (Hindu casteist scripture) be taught compulsorily in all schools. His partisan mindset was exposed when he made reference to Raj Dharma (Kingly Duty) and Modi during recent Yakub Memon hanging case.

Anyway, the ex-CJI Sh. Balkrishanan had been one of the best CJI in the history of Supreme Court and delivered some landmark judgments. He was renowned for his neutrality approach. In one instance, some manuwadi man sent him an anonymous letter accusing him of being partisan in a case he was was adjudicating. The badly hurt Sh. Balkrishnan broke down in the court and disassociated himself from the case thereafter.

The so-called eminent manuwadi lawyer Prashant Bhusan runs an NGO with sole objectivity to unearth corruption cases. Why is he targeting Sh. Balkrishnan alone? It is said that his father and lawyer Shanti Bhusan has a list of corrupt ex Supreme Court judges. Why the father-son duo don’t file PIL seeking probe in those cases? They won’t because they are Manuwadi in heart.

Manuwadi: A Manuwadi refers to a person who follows the cruel law of discrimination against lower castes. The law is propounded by barbaric sage Manu in his cruel book Manusmriti. Almost all upper caste are Manuwadis in their approach to Dalit community.


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