Police Strips Dalit Family Nude, Parades and Beat Them Up to Pulp

Things are worsening day by day for dalit in India. Recently two dalit youths have been lynched in Punjab for a trivial issue and an old man was burned alive in UP because he tried to enter a temple. Now the Manuwadi barbaric casteist savages have stripped and paraded a five members dalit family that include three female in full public view and the accused this time are none other than the protectors of law – the police. Reportedly they are beaten up as well.

This ghastly incident occurred in NOIDA – a satellite city of Delhi. It is alleged that the victim Sunil Gautam was robbed at night by 4/5 people on 7/10/15. The next day he along with his family members went to a nearby police station to register a FIR (First Information Report) against unknown robbers. The police refused for no reason. Following which the family members staged protest outside the police station. The heartless casteist station officer Praveen Yadav humiliated them by  stripping all the family members and beating them up badly in full public view. The victims also include few kids of the family.

Check the following snaps and video.


This is how they treat our dalit brethren!

What the press says?

As usual all the mainstream newspapers did not report the incident while a couple of Hindi dailies tried to blame the victims by giving it a color of naked protest. Naked protest never happens in India except the one by mothers of Manipur who protested against rape and atrocities of Assam Rifles. Stripping oneself in public is considered a very disgraceful act in India, let alone naked protest. Anyway check the pictures and video how the desperate hapless women trying to protect their modesty.


Showing power over hapless is actually cowardice

All the political parties and public intellectuals are silent because overwhelming majority of them are apologists. They always considered dalit problems to be minor. The UP government and police without conducting an enquiry blamed the victims instead.

The situations of dalits in India are several times worse than the blacks in Europe and America. The age old problem continues goes unabated. The Indian government has been able to successful hide the inexplicable atrocities from International Community. The harassment and atrocities on dalits are day to day occurrence and majority of them go unreported.

The noted social activist Arundhati Roy has coined the word “Project Unseen” to describe how state machinery including judiciary along with press regularly let the accused free whenever there is an atrocity on dalits. Recently a Cobrapost sting exposed with video graphic proof how the casteist Ranveer Sena with full support of some BJP leaders massacred dalits of an entire village in Bihar. No action has been taken either by government or judiciary.

My request to International Community

Being an educated dalit and extremely concerned person I appeal the international community to widely publicize the problems of dalits and pressurize the Indian government to bring the preparators of atrocities to book. The United Nations must classify the caste problem India in the same category as racism.

Why dalits are not fighting back? You might like to ask.

The oppression of dalits is very systematic. First, the dalit community is always less in number in a village setting. The entire upper castes gang up whenever a conflict arises between dalits and other caste. Second, they are very poor who lives from hands to mouth and thus have no economic/financial power to afford security for themselves or fight it out outside in police/court. Finally, majority of dalits have inferiority complex because of religion enforced caste system over centuries. They cannot think beyond caste and have accepted their subserviced position.

The only way for them to liberate themselves from this veritable chamber of torture called casteism/Hinduism is by rejecting the system and not by protesting within. This can be possible only when dalits acquire knowledge and economically empower themselves though it is a very tough task. As a responsible and concerned person, you have the responsibility of giving them a helping hand.


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