Two Dalits Murdered and Four Dalit Women Raped Everyday…Welcome to India!

Not a single day passes without us hearing a dalit atrocity somewhere or other in India. Recently two toddlers (less than two years) have been burnt alive and their parents were serious injured in Haryana when few upper caste people poured petrol on their house and set it afire when the victims were sleeping at night. In another incident a teenager dalit boy accused of stealing pigeon was brutally beaten up by Haryana police, succumbed to his injuries.

There is no end to dalit atrocities in India. In fact in past several years crime against dalits have increased manifold. A recently released data by National Crime Record Bureau clearly shows the savagery and cruelty of upper caste Indians. An unprecedented 47, 064 crimes were committed against dalits in 2014. It is noteworthy that the data compiled are only reported crime. The numbers will certainly go more than tenfold if non-registered crimes were included.

The data shows an average of two murders of dalits everyday and average of five rapes daily perpetrated on dalit women. Abduction and kidnapping of dalits are increasing every year. The crime against dalits is increasing under the current right wing government. Racial/hat crimes against African American in USA is far far less than crime against dalits. Further, incident of murders and rapes are very less in the hate crime in USA.

The international community has ignored the systematic killing of dalits and their human right violations that going on for centuries in India. India has able to effectively hide the misdeeds at home from international community. United Nations has done nothing to classify ‘caste crime’ in the same category of ‘race crime’ though the barbarity and hate element in caste crime is far more than the racial crime.

United Nations must summon India for its failure to protect dignity of dalits and the gross human right violations that perpetuated against them. The ruling people and majority of Hindus are apologists of worst order. They will never regret and prefer to keep their misdeeds under wraps. Unless international community take urgent step the dalits will continue to bear burnt of unimaginable atrocities even in this 21th century.


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