Manuwadi SC Gives Excuse of National Interest to Scrap Quota in Higher Education

Two manuwadi Brahmin judges of Supreme Court, Dipak Misra and P.C.Pant, today advised Hinduvtawadi Central Government to take steps to scrap reservation from higher educational institutions. This comes closely in the heel of recent remark by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat that reservation policy needs to be reviewed. This appears to be a big conspiracy to deprive dalits of whatever access they had to higher education.

Historically, dalits are denied access to education through religious sanction for centuries. It is the British who stopped the discrimination and allowed dalit children to attend schools and colleges. After independence, a model of 15% reservation in higher education and jobs was implemented due to relentless effort of Dr. Ambedkar.

Right from the time reservation policy implemented the manuwadi forces are making attempt to cripple the initiative that gives the dalits a slim hope of upliftment. The casteist forces have succeeded in diluting the reservation policy to a large extent. The cut-off mark is one such ploy. Dalit students securing below threshold marks are not being admitted and the vacant seats go to general category as a result.

The autonomous status of institution policy gives the teachers power to decide the future of students. Majority of teachers are upper castes and they deliberately fail dalit students and give very low marks. They have ruined career of many bright dalit students. Many students committed suicide because of harassment and violence by high caste teachers and students alike. From 2008 to 2011, as many as 18 dalit students in premier institutions like IITs and AIIMS committed suicide due to harassment by teachers.

Despite reservations only 1.8% of dalit students have access to higher education because of their very poor economic status. Reserved seats in many premier colleges and institutions regularly fall vacant due to lack of sufficient number of dalit student applicants. Vacant seats as per rule go to general students. Even this fact does not convince the manuwadi casteist forces. They want their domination over dalits and other backward castes to be absolute.

As I said before the Brahminical forces are making relentless effort to scrap reservation and perpetuate their hegemony. When the 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes in jobs implemented in late 80s the casteist forces responded by introducing privatization in education and majority of sectors in economy. They have effectively excluded private sectors including private education institutions from the reach of reservation policy.

When 27% reservation in higher education for OBC was introduced in early 2000s, the casteist forces managed to double the seats in existing governmental institutions and thereby able to remain unaffected by new policy. Now they want to scrap reservation in toto.

Recently the BJP ruled Rajasthan Government has introduced quota system for economically weaker sections in upper caste population. The ultimate attempt of these manuwadi forces is to do away with reservation policy by diluting and weakening it within.

Reservation is needed because extreme unjust social order. The upper caste people carry a social capital, which ensures their safety and success. Majority of the upper caste kids study in elite public schools while dalits study in unfit government schools. 93% of dalits live Below Poverty Line. The drop out of dalit students start at primary level itself because of extreme poverty, segregation in school, denial of access, huge distance of residence from school (dalits are forced to stay at outskirt of village) and violence and constant harassment of innocent dalit kids by higher caste teachers and students.

The extreme inequality in the country is such that the right wing government is unwilling to release caste data for fear of being exposed. The SC never take cognizance of caste atrocities and harassments that dalit routinely face. What action has it taken the biased judiciary decisions that lower judiciary regularly and routinely give against dalits? Giving such baseless opinion without examining ground reality is not only uncalled for but highly condemnable as well.


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