Dalit Burning Incident in Haryana was Due to Internal Fire! Says the Manuwadi Probe

When was last time Dalits in India did get  justice? Do you remember?

Try Google. Did you find?

I am certain that you won’t find a single case where Dalits have got justice in India. Justice for Dalits is a mirage. They never got justice in pre-independence and post-independence India. The whole state machinery including politicians, judiciary and police, which are manned by upper caste people, schemes and colludes to turn the table and blame the victims instead.

Just a week back the so-called high caste Rajputs in Sumpedh village in Haryana burnt two kids alive and seriously injuring their mother and father while they were sleeping in their home. Following which a probe was ordered into the incident. The forensic report has now been leaked to media. As expected the so-called forensic experts concluded that the two kids died due to an internal fire and not burnt by so-called upper caste Rajputs.

The report is not surprising because all previous investigations looking into dalit atrocities have been tampered and justice never been delivered to hapless dalit people. The same happened about recent gang rape and murder of two dalit minor girls in Badaun and more recently stripping and beating of a dalit family by Noida police.

The case is likely to be abandoned soon. Even the case goes to judiciary, there is no hope and it will only add to plight of victims by way of further victimization by Police and heavy judicial expenses, which the victims cannot bear. Justice in India is not blind. The side representing upper castes of the balance is always heavy. Judges’ mind tilted in favor of so-called upper castes because they themselves belong to those strata. The Indian judiciary never been able to deliver justice to Dalits .

Coming back to the case, let’s ask two questions:

  1. If the Rajput people are not involved why did they abscond after the crime?
  2. If it was incident of internal fire, why the victims would blame on unrelated others?

It is noteworthy that the victim has electricity connection and electricity stays 24 hours round the clock in the area. They are unlikely to use kerosene but the so-called forensic experts want us to believe otherwise.

Right from the occurrence of event the casteist forces tried to give a color of rivalry between two castes and that caste has nothing do here. Some even blamed Christians for engineering the incident though no Christians reside in the locality. A fact finding team led by some researchers had recently gone to the village and found gross human right violation that Rajput people commit on Dalits on daliy basis. Their finding as under:

  1. There is complete absence of sensitivity among upper caste people about plight of Dalits. Assertion of any rightful claim by Dalits in social, economical and political domain is met with hatred, outright violence, discrimination and exclusion.
  2. Eve-teasing and harassment of dalit women and girls by Rajput youth is rampant.
  3. In numerous occasions before the incident, the Rajputs had threatened the victim Jitendra of murder and elimination of his family.

The situation of dalits in India is worse that African American in USA and other countries. It is high time international community and United Nations take up their cause.


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