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Rapist Indian Armed Forces on Rape Spree on Tribal Women

The criminal foreigners-Aryans in India for centuries have been oppressing dalits and tribal, who are original inhabitants of this land. Even in 21th century their brutalities go unabated. Their criminal mindset has its root in their corrupt misogynist caste culture. Among the various modes of oppression these animals use “Rape” as a tool to terrorize dalits and tribal.

After independence the criminal Aryans have continually invaded peaceful space of tribal for purpose of land, infrastructure, resource and to fight Naxalism (insurgency). In this process majority of tribal have already lost their lands. Some choose to accept their fate and live a subservient life side by side with these Aryans, while others have retreated further deep into jungles and hills.

One of the reasons behind the interference in the affair of tribal is Naxalism. Naxalism is an insurgency problem that has its root in the feud between the warring Aryans themselves. 99% of Naxal leaders – national, zonal and local – are Brhamins, who want to usurp the incumbent Brhaminic government and established themselves on the throne. The tribal, who live in hills and jungles, are brainwashed and are forcefully pitted against powerful Indian state. Countless tribal have lost their lives in the process. They are sandwiched between the power-hungry cunning Naxal leaders and brutal Indian police force.

Indian govt in early nineties started an aggressive campaign against the Naxal problems. Police and military forces were sent to tribal inhibited areas, where police camps have been established. Combing operations are usually done from these areas. The tribal living in and around are routinely picked up with suspicion of Naxal connection. Often the armed force intrudes tribal villages, carry out illegal search, beats up the tribal, and destroy their houses and properties, and abuse and rape tribal women.


horrific tale of tribal women

Hundred of tribal women and minor girls have been raped and gang raped by the lusty and beasty Indian armed forces. The alarming fact is that these rabid criminals go unpunished time and again because of the vested interest that include caste status of these savages and helplessness and innocence of the victim tribal among others. The barbarity and savagery in them such that they don’t even spare minor girls, old and even pregnant tribal women. Three years passed since the disturbing Chhattisgarh incident, where tribal minor and women brutally gang raped by men in uniform; but no arrest has been made till date.

The rape culture among the Aryans is mostly due to misogynist caste culture they have. Women to them are nothing but a sexual object. Since their childhood, their sexuality is repressed by their culture. Sex and intimacy with opposite sex members before marriage are taboo. They don’t have sexual freedom.

Sex, according to noted psychologist Eric Fromm, can be postponed but cant be suppressed all the time. The desire in sexually repressed person can anytime take control of him if suitable channel for sublimation is not provided. Every Aryan Indian is a sexually repressed individual and thus a potential rapist. This could explain why rapes are very common in India. No amount of external measures like strengthening law and order, education etc. can solve the problem unless the cultural aspect is addressed first.

Anyway, the tribal are the unfortunate people being caught in the power struggle among the uncivilized and cunning Aryans. The tribal, who refuses to toe the line of Naxals, are killed by upper caste dominated Naxals and those who join them are killed by Brahminic police forces. There are regular incidents of sexual exploitation of tribal women members in cadre by Naxal leaders and other members. The bottomline is that innocent tribal including women have become scapegoats in bloody conflict between the inhuman and hegemonic Aryan-Brahminic forces.

bodies of killed dalit on funeral pyres

December 1: Don’t Forget Laxmanpur Bathe Dalit Massacre by Manuwadi Forces

December 1 is just passed but Manuwadi Indians do not remember what happened this day. All they remember is 26/11 Mumbai attack, bomb blasts of 1993, Godse killing Gandhi day, Chacha Nehru’s birth day etc. The dalit community will never forget December, 1.


Barbarism of Manuwadi has no limit!

On this day in the year 1997 at Laxmanpur Bathe in Bihar, Manuwadi, HInduvtabadi terrorist Ranvir Sena mercilessly killed 58 poor dalits, who were landless laborers. The victims include 27 innocent women and 16 kids. Do you know what is their crime? Their only crime is that they are alleged supporters of the Communist Party of India (Marxist and Leninist), which is a recognized political party in India.

Systematic attempt was made to derail the case and finally on 9/10/2013, as expected, the manuwadi High Court acquitted all accused with usual excuse of lack of evidence. The dalits in India have never got justice in single atrocity case. The justice system in India is not blind. The judges can clearly see the two sides of balance and always favor the one which is heavy.

Who is this Raniver Sena?

Ranvir Sena is a casteist and terrorist organization that espouse the doctrines found in Manusmriti. It has vested interest of perpetuating the social capital and traditional privilege that this fraud religion called Hinduism bestows on them. The Ranvir Sena has political connection and has nexus with RSS. A sting by Cobrapost identified all the killers of this terrorist organization and extracted confessions from the accused in the guise of making a documentary film. Shockingly the accused not only confessed their heinous crime but also took pride in their misdeed. In their confessions they have disclosed name of high profile leaders of BJP and RJD unwittingly.

I have already published a post on Cobra post expose. You can read it here:

Dalit Massacre by Ranvir Sena

Even after this serious expose, there is no hue and cry. Barring few Media did not bother the publicize the issue. No condemnation or discussions held by so-called liberal and secular intellectuals of the country. The Supreme Court never initiated any action nor directed government to take cognizance of the matter. I say it again the Manuwadi judges in all echelons of judiciary never delivered a positive judgment in favour of dalits in the history of Independent India. All the care is about “Reservation”, which is a small obstacle in their hegemonic interest.

The leftist parties which claim to serve interest of Dalits are cunning foxes. Their leaders from top to bottom are Brahmins. These leftist parties instigate hapless poor dalits and tribal against powerful government. Most of the Naxal cadres in remote areas are brainwashed tribal and dalits. It is the dalits and tribal members/sympathizers who bear the brunt when police do combing operation. The peaceful dalits and tribal in remote areas are sandwiched between oppressive government police/army and the ruthless naxals. The disadvantaged community of tribal and dalit are sacrificed in the unholy power struggle between government and leftist Manuwadi forces.

In the present case of Laxmanpur Bathe, the CPI ( ML) took no action to file a case in Supreme court against the blatant acquittal of the accused. Nor did they protest or tried to publicize the issue widely. These leftist parties use dalits and tribal as pawns in violence and vote-bank in election.