Hyderabad University Abets Suicide of a Dalit Student

Harassment-induced-suicide among bright Dalit students now spread from IITs and AIIMS to University of Hyderabad with suicide of a Dalit student Rohit Vemula. In one of my earlier posts I had talked about harassment of five Dalit students belonging to Ambedkar Students Association (ASA) by university administration following a complaint by notorious right wing student organization ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) – a student wing or ruling BJP government.

Here is my previous post link:


Following clash between members of ABVP and ASA, the student union president Sushil Kumar, who is a member of ABVP had lodged a complaint against ASA students, who are Dalits. The Manuwadi university administration after conducting an eye-wash enquiry suspended five Dalit students. This was not enough for these manuwadi casteist forces. The local BJP MP Bandaru Dattatreaya involved himself and wrote a letter to HRD ministry, which oversees education in the country. The ministry directed the University to take action, who in turn rusticated the five students and revoked the scholarships they were getting.

Here is the letter of BJP MP Bangaru Dattatraya’s letter to HRD ministry.


Rohit, who was from a poor family, was struggling because of rustication and revocation of scholarship by University. He had even borrowed money to fund his studies. Seeing no hope finally he took the extreme step and committed suicide. This is an extremely sad incident and once again makes us think the deep rooted prejudice against Dalits in Indian society.

It is ABVP, university Admin., the BJP MP and HRD ministry are responsible for the suicide of innocent soul. The ABVP had unnecessarily picked a fight with ASA because the later had protested hanging of Yakub and screened a film on Muzaffnagar riot by right wing extremist. From the letter of BJP MP it can be seen that he had accused ASA members being anti-national, extremists and casteist. This is classic case how MPs abuse their official position. The Education ministry is run by an uneducated lady, who had lied about her qualification in electoral affidavit. She even claimed she has a Yale degree.

After electoral victory the BJP govt is reigning terror in academic space. The right wing force completely destroyed educational system in Madhya Pradesh. The Vyapam scandal is well known. They are interfering academic curriculum of colleges and universities and suppressing all forms of dissent. The harassment of dalit students in UoH is just one example.


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