Hindu God Krishna and Narendra Modi: A Tale of Two Manuwadi Agents

Curious, folk?

Yes, in today’s blog post I will give an interesting analogy of two Manuwadi stooges, who played great roles in furthering Manuwad agenda in their respective times.

The Hinduvta forces today often cites the example of Hindu God Krishna to force Dalits to accept Caste system and Hinduvta brand of Hindu religion claiming Krishna was himself a Dalit and it was he who founded the philosophy of Karma-Dharma and it was who justified the extreme unequal casteist social order.

This is of course true, but was Krishna a Dalit person?

The answer is a plain ‘no’.

His biological father and mother i.e., Vasudev and Devaki belonged to so-called high caste. Krishna was brought in a Yadav family – a low shudra caste. His foster parents’ names were Nanda and Yosada. Krishna even today is a very popular deity among lower castes but what you may not know is that he was actually a Brahmin stooge who defended Casteist and barbaric Aryan social order.

Why was that Krishna implanted in the Yadav community?

During the time of Krishna, Yadavs were very powerful, large-in-number and dominant indigenous people in North India. They are openly defied the Aryans. The minority Aryans had no hope of defeating and subjugating them. The only way for them was social engineering and manipulating emotions of Yadavs to their advantage. Accordingly they implanted a very clever, cunning and dark man named Krishna among Yadavs. In the process of social engineering the Brahmins weaved false heroics stories of Krishna killing giants and dancing over the head of seven headed sea serpents and popularized them.

As expected Krishna justified the four fold divisions in society and further added “Karma-Dharma” principle to reinforce and strengthen the same. The curious thing is that he never served interest of Yadavs. He treated Yadav women as sexual object and exploited them with his deceit and cunningness. He had even invited his elder brother Balram to enjoy company of Yadav women during later’s tour just before Mahabharat war. Krishna had deep love for a Yadav woman named Radha but never married here because she was from a lower caste.

Anyway, Krishna succeeded winning over Yadav populace while at the same time making them covertly accept a lower social status in social order. The Brahmin easily own over the Yadavs without having to fight a war. The bottomline is that he was a Brahmin stooge, who was implanted by Brahmins among lower caste people to serve their self-interest.

Fast forward to modern time…

We have popular Norendra Modi. He claims he is from a lower caste and thus a Dalit. The truth is however bitter. He was a higher caste person like Krishna and spent his childhood learning and imbibing Brahmnical chauvinistic ideals. In the early  1990s his family was legally granted OBC (Other Backward Class) status.

The OBCs in Indian are largest in number, comprising 54% of population. The Brahmins and upper caste combine has only around 15% population and that is the reason why the Brahmin party BJP has not been able to seize political powers many times since independence. The only way for the Brahmins was to penetrate into lower caste vote shares. Narendra Modi was precisely choosen for the purpose. Like guillable Yadavs during Krishna’s time, the guilliable OBC in recently concluded Lok Sabha election voted en masse for Modi thinking him a real fellow OBC, who would serve their interest.

Modi never helped Dalits when he was chief minister of Gujarat for more than a decade. He used them as foot soldiers during communal disturbance and riots. It is indeed pity that more than 50% prisoners lodged in Gujarat prisons are Dalits. The land reform that was supposed to benefit Dalits were given to dominant Patels and Brahmins. Modi in his writing and speech justified lower status of Dalits saying doing manual scavenging jobs is a type of spiritual experience.

After Modi became PM of India, he has not done anything that would benefit Dalits and Shudra castes. Caste violence in fact has increased and the preparators are getting scot free. I feel like writing more but I guess I have to serve the objective of the blog post.

In nutshell, Hindu God Krishna and Modi were Brahmin stooges, who manipulated emotion of lower cast masses to help Brahmins accede to power and force people to accept Brahminic line of thinking.


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