Nation of Savages and Barbarians: Two Cases of Dalit Atrocities in Recent Times

The nation of barbarians and savages is at again. Not a single day passes without us hearing cruelties of these cruel beasts on Dalits in some part of India are other. These children of vermin continue to cause immense hardship and suffering to Dalits with impunity. They have no regret of their shameful past. They derive hedonistic pleasure from torturing and brutalizing Dalits every day.

The atrocities these mortal vampires commit on Dalits can easily put to shame most horrific plots of scariest horror movies. Many ghastly incidents have been reported recently. Two cases here are worthy to present before world because the scale of brutality and the reasons are unparalleled in the contemporary world.

Manu Tanti is a Dalit and daily laborer in Bihar. He was recently brutally killed by the so-called barbarian upper caste for demanding unpaid wage of last four days he worked. He was forcibly put into a thresher and the machined gored him into two halves just above his waist. This is what they do to Dalits for demanding something rightful. These evil beasts who wear the body of human are used to bonded labor since they established their hegemony in India. Murderous-blood of their forefathers flows in their wicked veins and arteries. They inherit the genes of one of the most evils people who lived in the planet.


Let’s now go to the second case. This happened in Kyuri village in the state of Uttar Pradesh. A boy and his entire family were beaten up with sticks by goons led by a Brahmin named wicked Anil Sharma. The reason is very palpable. A boy belonging to the family had gone to purchase sweet from a shop belonging to a Brahmin and he accidentally touched the shop owner Anil Sharma. He gave a severe thrashing to the boy right there. When the family of boy protested late on, the shop owner took some goons and brutally beat up family members with sticks. They kicked in the stomach of a pregnant woman of the victim’s family, following which she was admitted in Hospital.

dalit-valmili -family

Are you wondering about justice for the victims of the above two cases? Justice continue to elude Dalits because the entire state machinery and  (criminal) jurisprudence system informally operates on the basis of ancient cruel book Manusmriti. These wicked children/grand children of bloody Aryans and their mixed brethrens sit as judges, politicians, journalists, police, officers etc. who create multiple hurdles so much so that Dalits never get justice. In around 99% cases the victims are blamed instead.

Let’s listen what the jurisdictional station officer Pinhat Satyendar Singh has to say in the second incident: “No one has been arrested in the matter. It was a simple brawl between drunk Valmiki ‘s (the caste name of victims) who were attending a marriage party. One of the drunk allegedly misbehaved with a Brahmin man after which a scuffle took place.

Even before conducting an investigation he makes biased statement simply because he himself belongs to the upper caste. This is just a sample. Almost every atrocity case again dalits are ignored/solved like this.

I appeal to the concerned people especially those who are in North America and Europe to raise the issue of Dalits in India and extend your support to these unfortunate people. Indian government must be answerable to World Community for gross human right violations against Dalits.


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