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Four So-Called Jawans Gangrape a School Girl in Koraput

A 14 year tribal school girl in Koraput was brutally raped by four men. Guess what? The rapists are men in uniform, a unit of CRPF. The culprits are not arrested yet. Rape was confirmed in the medical report. But the regional DIG of police has washed police hand off from the case by stating that the two Jawan camps are 25 kilometers from the place of rape and so the jawans can’t be held responsible.

The logic of this high official is ridiculous. Koraput is a Naxal affected area and the army have vehicles at their disposal. The Jawans patrol the area in motorcycles. The place where rape happened falls in their jurisdiction. The raped girl has clearly said four men in uniform has raped her in a isolated are in the jungle.

The girl was returning home alone from a nearby town named Kunduli, when the rapist Jawans intercepted her, and took her to isolated area in jungle and took turns to rape her brutally. Her family also said that the four rapists are in Jawans. This is not first time these evil police forces have raped any tribal girl. In nearby district Malkangiri, personnel belonging to CRPF have raped many tribal girls. Their atrocities on tribal women in Chattisgarh is well documented, but the rapist forces are roaming free.

The Odisha Govt and police are  trying to suppress the incident because it is a blot to their image. First they blamed the naxals for rape. The Naxals strongly denied their role. But now they are blaming victim’s kin. Four of the relatives of victim were detained and intogorrated. It is nothing but harassment and threat to these hapless people to change their statement.

It is shame the Chief Minister of state Navin Pattnaik has not done anything except condemning . The live of tribal and Dalits have cheap to these evil race. Imagine their mindset when they can rape a 15 years school girl so brutally and mercilessly. More shocking is their holier than thou attitude and disowning the incident blaming the victim instead. This is typical solipsist Hindu mentality.

The entire state machinery, police and judiciary are anti-Dalits and anti-tribals. Tribal are indigenous people of the Koraput region.  The Manuwadis have gone to settle there and have established their base in Koraput and small nearby towns like Patangi, Semiliguda  etc. Their main objective is to garb lands of tribal through devious methods and procure goods produced by tribal people at very cheaper rate and sell them high on urban market.

The tribal of Koraput are slowly losing their habitats and lands. The innocent people can’t fight the evil Manuwadi with polic, judiciary and army in their hand.


You Sport a Mustache? You Can be Killed in India for it!

Recently, a notorious upper caste group called Patels have mercilessly and brutally killed a 21 years old Dalit youth named Jayesh Solnak in Anand district of Gujarat.  And his crime? He was watching garba dance performed by a Patel family from a distance. The killers made casteist remark and told him Dalits had no right to even watch dance, while thrashing him mercilessly. Finally, a precious life lost.

Just few days before the incident in the same state, another Dalits was badly beaten up for sporting mustache. Till now three such incidents of beating for wearing mustaches have been reported from the state of Gujarat. I have no words to condemn the incidents. You have must heard of untouchability. It’s basis is not other than the caste system and it has no parallel in the world.

Have you ever heard of crimes based on trifling reasons like this? While the world cries foul over racism it ignores casteism, which is the earliest form of racism, and which still goes on in India unabated. The criminals who belong to so-called upper castes go scot-free sooner or later during the legal course because the police, state machinery and judiciary all manned by so-called upper castes people.

I reiterate casteism is the oldest and most severe form of racism. In fact it is mother of racism. The world needs to recognize the fact. You can easily identify a Dalit person from the so-called upper caste stocks by their racial features. Dalits like Africans have dark(lighter) skin. They have short stature, thin, flat nose(mostly), and wide face. In contrast, the so-called upper castes akin to European. They are fair, long and pointy nose, and tall head. With a mere glance once can identify a Dalit and so-called upper caste persons.

Originally, the color of skin was the basis of caste division when the foreigners Aryans came and settled India. They used derogatory terms like Dasa (slave) and Dasyu (docaits) against the original inhabitants Dalits and Tribals to distinguish themselves. The Indian branch of Aryan race is most wicked race in the world.  They are the extremist solipsist in the world, who believes they can do no wrong. They justify the worst of crimes they commit. They legalized caste system using religion to have absolute control over indigenous people like Dalits and Tribal, who were settled and peaceful community of the land.

The Indo Aryans so called upper castes deny their foreign origin. The white Europeans, who conquered USA, Canada and Australia expressed their regret and apologized to indigenous tribal people for their crimes and misdeed against the latter. Don’t expect that from upper caste (so-called) Indians. They are absolutely shameless solipsists.