The Curious Case of Bhim Army Founder Chandrasekhar AKA Ravan

If you are a Dalit and want to pay back the Manuwadis in same coin, think again. The heartless, savage and barbarian Manuwadis will do everything to stop you. They are beast and don’t have a heart. They lack empathy.  A young man named Chandrasekar founded Bhim Army with sole objective to fight back the increasing atrocities by Manuwadi forces on innocent Dalits.

What did he get in return?

No sooner he was arrested and that too with false charge. He was jailed for long but managed to secure bail from High Court recently. Before he could see freedom a serious and false ‘national security’ charge was slapped against him and detained by Manuwadi UP government led by  a criminal narcissist thug turned Chief Minister goes by name Yogi Adityanath.  The young man Chandrasekhar was beaten up by so called upper caste criminal inmates inside jail. After he was rejailed he was allegedly beaten up by police and now fighting for life in District Hospital in Lucknow.

So what actually happened?

Chandrasekhar was accused by criminal Yogi Government as main conspirator in Saharanpur riot case and serious charges under various sections of IPC was slapped on him, and subsequently he was put in jail.

Chandrasekhar was a lawyer and he founded Bhim Army to help Dalits fight back and empower them to realize their full potentials. It runs around 300 schools for Dalit students to study without fear of caste discrimination and harassment. The schools are run by Dalit teachers. Bhim Army protested vociferously against caste atrocities that are reported almost Daily basis. It garnered support of large number of Dalits in less time, which alarmed the right wingers.

The criminal Manuwadis were looking for a pretext to arrest Chandrasekhar and finally they found one in Saharanpur riot case. Chandrasekhar has nothing to do with the riot. Neither he was he in Saharanpur at the time of riot nor he hail from that town. He merely protested against the riots in Delhi as Dalits were the victims in the riot. The state machinery including police sided with Thakurs and house of Dalits were burnt and were chased out fro, the villages.

The Saharanpur riot was between the so-called upper caste Thakurs and Dalits.  It started when so called high caste Thakurs took a procession of their Hero Maharana Pratap through Dalit villages with provocative slogans and playing loud music. No permission was taken from the village cheif for the procession. The Dalits protested, which led to a clash between two caste groups.  Dalits were beaten up and their houses were burned with active aid of police.

After the incident many protests took places across India by Dalit organizations. Chandrasekhar organized a massive protest in Delhi against Saharanpur violence. He demanded compensation for victims and called for a Mahapanchayat ( A grand villeage level assembly). The police disrupted the assembly and he was arrested and accused as main conspirator in the riot case – a case where he has nothing to do anyway. The UP High Court granted him bail after years in jail but the very next day UP government detained him and subsequently arrested by slapping national security charge.

The arrest and harassment of Chandrasekhar by Criminal Yogi is done in behest of RSS. Yogi Adiyanath has countless criminal charges pending against him. He is a casteist monster and rabid Muslim hater. Once he even advocated raping dead Muslim women. Now the criminal self-rightous  Manuwadis have become judge and law unto themselves.

It is to be noted that many right wing organizations like RSS, Bajrang Dala, Hindu Sena, Rama Sena etc exist, who openly advocate and indulge in violence against minorities, Dalits and Tribals. Their very existence is against secular principles of constitution. They openly indulge in  lynching, abusing women and disrupting activities of others but go scot-free.

The Manuwadis could not tolerate a small organization like Bhim Army that advocates welfare of Dalits and take up their cases. The future of Dalits is very bleak. Chandrasekhar was ray of hope for Dalit community but now he is fighting for his life.


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