Supreme Court or Supreme Corrupt ?

They say India has Independent judiciary that doesn’t succumb to any pressure or bias. They function strictly as per rule and conventions. The judges like angels descended on earth to deliver justice impartially. ROFL,  just kidding!

Indian Supreme court and the court system under it are anti-Dalits and corrupt to the core. The judges have Constitution of India in their hand but Manusmriti in their heart. The court system is manned by Manuwadis, who are overwhelmingly Brahmins. These judges and lawyers are such cunning and shameless that even Devil will be ashamed of himself.

At present Indian Prisons are full with Dalits. Every fourth prisoner in India  is a Dalit. They account 22% of total prisoners while their population is only 15%. Dalits constitute largest group in prison, who are followed by Muslims at 20% and tribal 17%, totaling more than half of the prisoners rotting in Indian prison.

The Dalits are not a violent group. Centuries of physical and mental oppression have made them timid. One Brahmin boy can terrorize five Dalits boys. They don’t have a criminal mindset, generally speaking. But they are majority in Indian prisons. Manuwadis court system hate them.

The Manuwadis always quote of the POTA (Prevention of Atrocities Act) and assert to outside world that India follows a positive discrimination policy that constitutionally protect the vulnerable Dalits and Tribals. But nothing is far from truth. The POTA is toothless act. No so-called upper caste criminal eery languishing in any Indian prison convicted under this act. Even so-called high casted criminals booked under the act are ultimately let go by Manuwadi judicial system.

At present there is no Dalit judge in Supreme Court. The Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, a Brahmin corrupt crook. He was involved in illegal land acquisition in Orissa, medical scam in UP, and his also name figures in Khalko Pui’s suicide case. Dipak Mishra is an RSS agent who openly voices against reservation. The previous two CJI were very corrupt people. Jagadish Kehar’s name to figured in Khalko Pui’s suicide case. Justice Markenday Katju has exposed the corruption of then CJI H.L.Dattu who has many illegally acquired prime properties in prime locations.

Last year the corrupt supreme court dismissed case of Gujrat High Court judges taking plots from Gujarat Government to deliver favorable judgments. The condition of pathetic judicial system in India is such that the corrupt crook Dipak Misra became judge in the Lucknow Medical scam case where he is one of the accused.

A Dalit High Court Judge named K Kannan last year tried to expose Indian corrupt judiciary. Apparently he had a list of corrupt Supreme Court Judges with evidence. This miffed the Supreme Corrupt (Supreme Court)  and they got Kanna arrested by labeling him mentally unsound. Now Justice Kannan is rotting in the prison.

Down Indian Manuwadi Judicial System. Down Supreme Corrupt.


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