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You Sport a Mustache? You Can be Killed in India for it!

Recently, a notorious upper caste group called Patels have mercilessly and brutally killed a 21 years old Dalit youth named Jayesh Solnak in Anand district of Gujarat.  And his crime? He was watching garba dance performed by a Patel family from a distance. The killers made casteist remark and told him Dalits had no right to even watch dance, while thrashing him mercilessly. Finally, a precious life lost.

Just few days before the incident in the same state, another Dalits was badly beaten up for sporting mustache. Till now three such incidents of beating for wearing mustaches have been reported from the state of Gujarat. I have no words to condemn the incidents. You have must heard of untouchability. It’s basis is not other than the caste system and it has no parallel in the world.

Have you ever heard of crimes based on trifling reasons like this? While the world cries foul over racism it ignores casteism, which is the earliest form of racism, and which still goes on in India unabated. The criminals who belong to so-called upper castes go scot-free sooner or later during the legal course because the police, state machinery and judiciary all manned by so-called upper castes people.

I reiterate casteism is the oldest and most severe form of racism. In fact it is mother of racism. The world needs to recognize the fact. You can easily identify a Dalit person from the so-called upper caste stocks by their racial features. Dalits like Africans have dark(lighter) skin. They have short stature, thin, flat nose(mostly), and wide face. In contrast, the so-called upper castes akin to European. They are fair, long and pointy nose, and tall head. With a mere glance once can identify a Dalit and so-called upper caste persons.

Originally, the color of skin was the basis of caste division when the foreigners Aryans came and settled India. They used derogatory terms like Dasa (slave) and Dasyu (docaits) against the original inhabitants Dalits and Tribals to distinguish themselves. The Indian branch of Aryan race is most wicked race in the world.  They are the extremist solipsist in the world, who believes they can do no wrong. They justify the worst of crimes they commit. They legalized caste system using religion to have absolute control over indigenous people like Dalits and Tribal, who were settled and peaceful community of the land.

The Indo Aryans so called upper castes deny their foreign origin. The white Europeans, who conquered USA, Canada and Australia expressed their regret and apologized to indigenous tribal people for their crimes and misdeed against the latter. Don’t expect that from upper caste (so-called) Indians. They are absolutely shameless solipsists.


Racist Manuwadis Beat Up Nigerian Students Badly in Noida

Recent attack on Nigerian students in Noida by Manuwadi people might come as a shock to many around the world but not to people like me who know these lesser humans from inside out. The beating was so brutal that a sane person can’t watch such gruesome video scenes. The reason of this atrocity is more shocking. Some school kid died of drug overdose but no one knows who did supply. But Nigerians by their skin color by default found in their suspicion. Many Nigerians students in the locality were brutally beaten up.

Shocking as may it sound Racism has its origin in India. This started after the arrival of the most wicked fair-skinned Aryans. They used terms like Dasa and Dasyu to refer to dark skinned-Dravidians. Many may not know Casteism is the earliest and most cruel of racism. The distinction is based on color. The so called middle castes were of later oirgin. Even today, you can easily distinguish a Brahim and Dalit by their racial features. The Brahmins and many upper castes Sindhi and Punjabis in North India have fair skin and facial feature similar to Central Asian and Europeans, which natives like Dalits and Tribal approximate Africans.

It is pity that modern definition of Racism does not include casteism as a form of racism though the racial features of people and discrimination and cruelty more severe than racism practiced in Casteism. Take for example the practice of untouchability. The Dalits have separate place to live and many public places like road, waterpump, ponds etc are not accessible to them. The so-called upper castes practice a form of total boycott against the Dalits.

Even  death does not resolve of the prejudice of these Manuwadi bastards. Recently, Gujarat assembly approved separate crematorium for so-called upper caste population and Dalits. The practice is there since time immemorial but it is first attempt to legalize this cruel form of inequality. One can easily see the mindset of these savages.

The Manuwadis cry foul over slightest incident against them  abroad but at home they practice racism of worst kind against the North east people, the Dalits and Tribal.  The savage incident against innocent Nigerian students are eye openers for the world to see what a filth animal these Manuwadi beasts are.


A Month of Gruesome Dalit Atrocities

The last month (July, 2016) witnessed a number of gruesome atrocities against Dalits that make us ponder whether India deserves to be classified a civilized country even in 20th century. The seer brutalities of these crimes will surpass plots of creepiest horror movies. In this article I will narrate few selected crimes against Dalits in last month.

A Dalit Couple Killed for Just Rs.15 (US$0.10)

A Dalit couple was killed with axe by a Brahmin shopkeeper named Ashok Mishra for pending dues of just Rs.15. The couple had purchased 3 biscuit packets few days before the incident from the shopkeeper on credit, and had promised to pay the amount once they get their wages. The couple work as daily laborers. On the fateful day, the Brahmin attacker confronted the couple when they were going to field for work and demanded instant payment. The couple pleaded that they will arrange the money by evening but the accused refused to listen. He rushed to his home and brought an axe and chopped the couple into pieces.

For Manuwadi of India Dalits life is not worth 10 cent. The world community should denounce Indians and their barbarity that emanate from sub-standard culture they have.

2 Two Dalit Youths Were Beaten by 25 so-called Upper Caste Men for Overtaking their Vehicles

Sound bizarre? Yes it is true. The Manuwadi people have such a superiority complex and hatred against Dalits that they cannot even tolerate Dalit people overtaking their vehicles on public road. This incident happened in Maharashtra. Two Dalit youths were driving a vehicle with a big picture of Ambedkar printed on vehicle’s back. As soon as they overtook the vehicle the so-called upper caste people noticed the picture and stopped the vehicle. Around 25 of these cruel people beat up two Dalit youth in the vehicle mercilessly.

  1. A 14 year Dalit girl in Delhi Kidnapped twice, Brutally Raped and Forced to Drink Acid

The gruesome and sordid incident happened in Delhi. A so-called upper caste man, who resides in neighborhood of the victim, sexually assaulted the girl in last December. Following the incident, the case went to court and the Manuwadi judge let the accused free.  The accused kidnapped the girl again in May, 2016, repeatedly and brutally raped her,  forced to drink acid laced with juice. Following the brutal rape the girl was admitted in a Delhi hospital. After remaining 30 days in life support, the innocent soul passed away.

You can gauge the barbarity of the savage so-called upper caste people from the incident.

  1. A 15 Year Old Dalit Teen Murdered Over Inter-Caste Affair

Manuwadi upper castes hate Dalits – hate deeply. A 15 year Dalit boy who was in love with one of his so-called upper caste girl, was beaten up brutally, chased out on the road and assaulted until he lost his conscious. The doctor declared him dead on arrival. There were injury marks on the head of the victim. The girl’s father supposedly kicked in the private parts of  the boy. It is worthwhile to mention that this is not a case of stalking but an affair with consent of both the boy and girl. Reportedly the duo studied in school for years and had affairs for very long time.

  1. Dalit Family Attacked Over Rumor of Cow Killing

Around 50 members of so-called high caste people belonging to a right wing group attacked a Dalit family in Karnataka suspecting them of killing a cow. Three members of the family seriously injured with multiple fractures. These cruel barbarian did not even spare a disabled family member of the family. All the accused were let off in bail by Manuwadi local court.

The atrocities against Dalits have been increasing of late. Few Dalit youth in Gujarat committed suicide in protest. We at Ambedkar Periyar Society appeal to them not to take their lives. This does not solve the problem. We have a  significant number of people that can do wonder. All that we need is to unite and resist.

4 Dalits Youths Were Badly Beaten Up by Barbarian Upper Castes

4-dalit-youths-beaten-by-gaurakshakIn another incident of gruesome atrocity against Dalits in Gujarat’s, four Dalit youths were beaten up with leather belts and iron roads, and dragged for almost a kilometre, allegedly because they “possessed” cow beef. The incident took place in Una town of Saurashtra region in Gujarat.

The Dalits youth belong to a village called Mota Samdiyara village. They were reportedly called by a community of leather traders of nearby village to collect a dead cow. Before the Dalit youth could reach the place to collect, they wre cornered by so-called upper caste Gau Rakshak group at the Una bus stand. The boys were strippd half naked, tied to an SUV and beaten up in iron roads in full public view. A large crowd gathered there but no one came forward to rescue.

The group which cornered the Dalit youth claimed to be working for the cause of cow protection (Gau Rakshya). The members of the group actually belong to a political outfit called Shiv Sena. The Dalit boys were mercilessly beaten up for over half an hour, and then dragged by chain to a police station nearby. The police did not nab the accused when they dragged the victims to police station. Following the news going viral, the police arrested two of the accused as an eye wash.

India is a country of hypocrites and cowards of highest order. The recent emergence of Gau Rakshak (cow vigilante groups) is attributed to communal politics of ruling BJP government. On one hand the Indian state advocates cow protection on the other hand it promotes cow slaughter in slaughter houses. India recently ranked number one for beef export in the world. Surprisingly, the exporters are none other than so-called upper caste Hindus, especially the Brahmin and Baniya community. The insensitive media branding the youths as cow smugglers.

95% of beef exporters are so-called upper caste Hindus, who use Islamic name to name their companies and thereby giving a false impression. Consider the names of following beef exporting companies and their owner names:

Al-Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Its owner name: Mr. Shatish &Mr. Atul Sabharwal
Add: 92, Jolly makers, Chembur Mumbai 400021

Arabian Exports Pvt.Ltd.
Owner’s name: Mr.Sunil Kapoor
Add: Russian Mansions, Overseas, Mumbai 400001

The Shiv Sena, whose members, beat up the dalit youth is a right wing extremist political organization. Recently one of its prominent members found to be running a big sex racket in Maharashtra. They are well known for communalism and goondaism in India.

International organizations including United Nations are not taking seriously the Dalit atrocities in India that routinely happening. Dalits are suffering in the hand of barbarian upper castes for centuries. The casteism issue is many times more deadlier than racism.

According to National Crime Record Bureau Statistics, 2014, every day 2 dalits are murdered, 4 Dalits women raped and 2 are killed daily. What is more the crime against Dalits are increasing over last few years. The world most takes stock of the issue and takes steps to help the unfortunate community.

A mob of 46 Coward Manuwadis Kill 1 Dalit Farmer in Gujarat!

Dalit life in India is a living hell. A Dalit man named Rama Singrahiya, aged 42, was brutally beaten to death with axes and clubs by so-called upper caste men in the village, near Porabandar, Gujarat. The mob of 46 manuwadi beasts was led by the village Sarapanch (elected village head)  Harbham Karavarda,  The silly reason cited for killing is that the victim was farming in a land meant for cattle grazing.

The victim Rama had been cultivating that land for past 15 years, and had applied for regularization to district authority long back. The casteist district admin has not issued order till date while it regularized lands held by so-called upper caste villagers. The wicked so-called upper caste people in the village has encroached the Panchyat and government land with impunity.

It is to mention that there are only 300 Dalit families in the village of 8000 people. Majority of them are landless. Very few hold marginal land. They earn their living working in the field of so-called upper caste in the villages. The victim Rama Singrahiya is an independent minded person and he earned his livelihood independently with the marginal land he had own.

Previously the victim Rama’s father and brother had been killed by so-called upper caste men in the village. They had also set his standing crop on fire just eight months back. The casteist village has also separate burial ground for Dalit population. The wicked upper caste routenly harass Dalits but Rama was a kind of person who asserted his right and refused to budge against brow beating of so-called upper caste men.

After the case registered, the low enforcement agencies are showing their bias and callous approach as usual. The District Collector Dinesh Patel indirectly supported the village Panchayat. While mob of 46 people killed Rama only 3 persons were arrested so far. Certainly there is no hope for victim to get justice. The killers are the same people who have killed his father and brother.

Gujarat is one of the states where Dalit atrocities are highest. More than 50% people languishing in prison are Dalits. The distribution of land under land reform law which was supposed to benefit landless Dalits and tribal has actually gone to so-called upper caste called Patels under back door.

It is high time for Dalits to realize that the Indian state has absolutely no interest in their welfare. Whatever concessional provisions there that exist for them were due to struggle by Dr. Ambedkar and not because of charity of Manuwadi people.They should understand that life lived under subjugation not a life worth living. Dalits have to fight back like the Afro-American did after Minnesota and Louisiana cold blooded murders. Time has come for retribution and stop being lambs taken for slaughter.

An Open Letter to Heavenly Jisha

By Shehla Rashid (Following letter is taken from public domain)

Dear Jisha, I never knew you, nor did you know me, perhaps. You were probably a “usual” student, pursuing your studies, dreaming of a better future for yourself and your country. You were probably someone like Rohit Vemula who dreamed of stars and skies.

I learnt that you were a Law student, but I regret to tell you that the Law of this country fails us miserably. It is because a Bhanwari Devi does not get justice that Bhagana happens. It’s because no one in Bhagana gets justice that a Delta Meghwal happens. It is because a Delta Meghwal does not get justice that a Jisha happens. And most painfully, I can predict that you may not get justice either. This is because the Law that you studied is not the law that actually runs this country- this country runs according to a parallel law which is called Manusmriti. It is routinely quoted by judges in their judgments, but perhaps you wouldn’t have studied that in Law school. It is the law of Manusmriti that prescribes limits for women and limits for Dalits. That women should not go out after a certain time, that women should not study and become independent, that Dalits should not study or acquire skills, is embedded in the law that actually runs this country.

You probably loved this country, but I regret to tell you that this is no country for women. On the contrary, if you had ever questioned patriarchy or caste or class, they would have shoved a slogan or two down your throat. “Bolo Bharat Mata ki Jai”, “Bolo Vande Mataram” are the two favorite responses of our government to anyone who complains of injustice. I am guessing you were a patriot and loved your country, but alas, declaration of Bharat Mata ki Jai wouldn’t come to your help when you were being murdered and raped.

I shudder to think about the brutal details of your rape that have emerged. They make me wonder if all the people who kill their daughters in infancy do the correct thing. Such a desperate thought to occur to someone like me, who is supposed to be strong and calm! But it could have been me, it could have been anyone. I didn’t know you, but I can think about the terror that you must have felt. Whatever has been done with you has been said to me in threats by BJP supporters on Twitter. Where does this thinking come from? How is there such a tremendous uniformity in the actions of your rapists and the words of the Sanghi trolls? It is the ideology of Manu, the ideology of hatred and caste patriarchy that drives both sets of criminals to do and say such things.

You will not get justice because we are quick to blame the rape on everything, but its real cause. We are ready to blame the rape on the dress and choices of women, on poverty, on alcohol, on chowmein, on mobile phone and other absurd things, but not on patriarchy, feudalism, commodification of women by capitalism, on caste, on our society. We are told not to do politics and focus on studies, when we raise issues of justice for women like you, women like survivors of Bhagana mass rapes, the women getting raped at gun point in Kashmir and Northeast and for women like Soni Sori, whose rapist is given the gallantry award because she is labelled as a Maoist for opposing corporate onslaught on the tribals of this country. You were probably one such student, among millions of others, who was studying and not doing politics. But the brutality of this society did not spare you.

The brutality that you’ve faced did not result from a personal hatred against you, I believe, but from deep-seated biases against women, from rampant misogyny, from the treatment of women as commodities, as things to be used and discarded. The violence that you’ve faced is only a manifestation of the hatred that prevails against all women, against me, against my friends, against all thinking, speaking, working, studying, questioning, politically active women, especially since we are not the traditional social elites. How dare they trespass their gender? How dare they trespass their second class minority status? How dare they trespass their lower caste status?

We are told not to “divide” people when we raise issues of caste, class, gender, race, disability and so on. We are told that, since it has been written down in Law, equality has been achieved! But the ugly realities of caste will dawn upon us pretty soon, when we demand justice for you, when despite your case being as brutal as that of the young woman everyone called Nirbhaya, it will not shake the national conscience, when, perhaps, no one in your case will be punished hard enough, except if they are poor. How I wish, as a fellow woman, I could say to you, Rest in Peace, sister. But the times we are living in, do not allow me to say that. I am forced to say, DO NOT REST IN PEACE, JISHA. And don’t let anyone in this country rest in peace. Enrage this country, this world. Awaken it from complacency.

Jisha was a 29 year dalit girl, a law student, was tortured, sexually assaulted and brutally murdered on 28/4/2016 in the state of Kerala, India. Her lifeless body with more than 30 stab wounds, ripped open stomach, and pierced genitals was dumped in pool of blood in her house. The blood sucking barbarian Manuwadi murderers and rapists doing  atrocities again and again with impunity. So far culprits were not caught. Down with Brahminism! Down with Manuwad!! Down with rape Indian culture!!!

Recent Rape and Murder of Dalit Girl in Rajasthan: How the Manuwadi Killing Talents of Dalit Youths?

Many gurus and motivators say it is we ourselves who make our own destiny. The maxim may be true elsewhere but certainly not in India. The society and environment in India is extremely disabling for Dalits. While in the west the most pronounceable discouraging factor that block an individual is poverty while in India it is social system that decides who does what. Dalits are at the receiving end of this spectrum.

The Manuwadi social order has destroyed talents of hard working Dalit youths through its  veritable chamber of confinement called caste system. Despite this throughout the history of India Dalit youth have shown what they are capable of when an opportunity is given.

We would never  have been a hero like Dr. Ambedkar had British not pulled his father out of caste system and provided him a job in Army. Little Ambedkar had his secure school education in the army camp that British established and the rest are history. When it comes to nation building post independent India, Ambedkar is  far ahead than other thinkers and freedom fighters. But he is not accorded the same status as Gandhi and Nehru.

The battle of Bhim Koregaon stands witness to the story of Dalit bravery; how a 900/1000 trained Dalit youth defeated 20000 ‘upper caste’ soldiers of Peshwa of Maharastra under able guidance of British Army general and helped them conquer the last forte that marked total control of India by British. This incident has been skipped in the history books as the Manuwadi historians don’t want this humiliation to be taught to the kids or even remembered.

If we go further back to history we have a Dalit hero called Eklavya, who acquired mastery over archery by just watching from a distant place how Aryan warfare teacher Drano was teaching his disciples. In an informal shooting competition Ekalavya completely routed Drono’s favorite and best archer Arjun.

When Drano heard this what did he do?

He asked Ekalvya’s right thumb as gift as the latter has learnt his skill by watching Drano teach his Aryan disciples. The manuwadi Drano did not like the superior ability of a non-aryan. Anyway, Eklavya presented his right thumb as gift and never to be heard after that.

I have narrated the above incidents in the context of recent murder and rape of an extremely talented poor Dalit girl in Rajasthan. The girl has own an award of excellence from Rajasthan state chief minister Vasundhara Raje and was undergoing training to realize her dream of becoming a teacher.  Before she could realize her dream she was raped by an “upper caste” teacher, murdered and was thrown into water tank. The teacher did his heinous crime in connivance with the Brahmin lady warden of the hostel. Once again a Dalit talent was killed before it bloomed.

As expected the police is giving the incident a color of suicide though rape has been confirmed. The teacher is taken to police remand for only 5 days for a heinous crime like this. I know there is no hope for justice because justice sides with who wield power and dominance.

The unabated crime spree against Dalits in India should give us time for self introspection. Ambedkar has bared Indian society naked. State machineries are never going to help us. So, we must stop trusting them. We don’t matter to them but our votes. We have to fight the battle of our own.