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Gang-raped by Security Personnel 13 Years Tribal Girl Commits Suicide in Orissa


The 13 years old gang-rape victim

Few months back, I had published a story of a tribal school girl, who was gang raped by four security men in Koraput and the trauma she was going through. I also had highlighted how the victim was being harassed and attempt being made to shield the perpetrators. Below is the link to the post.

4 Security Personnel Gang-rape Tribal Minor Girl in Koraput

Now I’m sorry to inform the outside world that the little girl has committed suicide just three days back. Nothing to be shocked about in the nation of rapists, criminals and animals. Let alone getting justice, she and her family were constantly harassed by Orissa state administration and police. After the ghastly rape, the government instead of identifying and arresting the rapist security personnel detained the victim’s family members in the pretext of questioning. Their harassment was such unbearable to her and her family members that she finally decided to take her precious life.

The state admin and police tried to pin the blame on Naxals but failed in their objective. Later Human Right Cell of Orissa state police and State Crime Branch conducted an investigation and concluded that the victim was not raped at all. The report tried to pin the blame on victim and give it a love angel but the report has been trashed since them.

I am quoting the report below. See yourself the brazen way the state govt is trying to cover up the incident.

During the investigation it was found that there was no sign of a sexual assault on the victim. The reports of the Sahid Laxman Naik Medical College & Hospital-Koraput and the MKCG Medical College & Hospital-Berhampur doctors also said the same thing,

Papun, (16), a local boy, was last time seen with the victim at the spot where she was allegedly gang-raped. During interrogation in the presence of the Child Protection officer of Koraput and independent witnesses, Papun strongly reiterated that on that day (the day of the alleged gang-rape) at about 11 am, he had met his cousin that is the victim.

At the alleged spot of the gang-rape, the victim asked Papun to marry her. But, he refused and gave her a hard push on her back, and as a result, she (victim) fell down.

She got off, tore her school uniform and threatened him that if he does not marry her, she will say in the village that Papun had raped her. Fearful, he agreed to marry her and requested not to tell the rape story to anybody in the village.

The girl agreed and gave him a passport size photo of her. She decided to tell her family that the clothes were torn when four COBRA cops raped her.

A polygraph test of Papun was conducted October 16, 2017 at Bhubaneswar. The polygraph test report reveals that all the irrelevant questions were found positive and all the relevant questions found deceptive.  No DNA except that of the victim was found on the exhibits collected from the victim.”

The boy Papun in the report is actually the cousin of the victim. Can you believe a little girl studying in 9th grade will have this satanic plan/idea in her mind? She would not even know full form of what COBRA stands for.  You can clearly notice  the brazen way the govt is trying to cover up the ghastly crime, twist the story and pin the blame on the victim.

The investigation was done before the victim committed suicide. Her family members constantly harassed. She was even lured by none other than state DGP to sign a blank paper in exchange of 90,000 Indian Rupees. Finally, the little girl decided enough is enough and ended her tender life.

Another indigenous innocent girl fell victim to lust of Mauwadis. These beasts have no shame. No humanity. Justice is mirage for Dalits and Tribal. Crime against them is a privilege that these evil Manuwadis can commit without fearing any consequence.

Rest in peace, angel. Good Bye!




The Curious Case of Bhim Army Founder Chandrasekhar AKA Ravan

If you are a Dalit and want to pay back the Manuwadis in same coin, think again. The heartless, savage and barbarian Manuwadis will do everything to stop you. They are beast and don’t have a heart. They lack empathy.  A young man named Chandrasekar founded Bhim Army with sole objective to fight back the increasing atrocities by Manuwadi forces on innocent Dalits.

What did he get in return?

No sooner he was arrested and that too with false charge. He was jailed for long but managed to secure bail from High Court recently. Before he could see freedom a serious and false ‘national security’ charge was slapped against him and detained by Manuwadi UP government led by  a criminal narcissist thug turned Chief Minister goes by name Yogi Adityanath.  The young man Chandrasekhar was beaten up by so called upper caste criminal inmates inside jail. After he was rejailed he was allegedly beaten up by police and now fighting for life in District Hospital in Lucknow.

So what actually happened?

Chandrasekhar was accused by criminal Yogi Government as main conspirator in Saharanpur riot case and serious charges under various sections of IPC was slapped on him, and subsequently he was put in jail.

Chandrasekhar was a lawyer and he founded Bhim Army to help Dalits fight back and empower them to realize their full potentials. It runs around 300 schools for Dalit students to study without fear of caste discrimination and harassment. The schools are run by Dalit teachers. Bhim Army protested vociferously against caste atrocities that are reported almost Daily basis. It garnered support of large number of Dalits in less time, which alarmed the right wingers.

The criminal Manuwadis were looking for a pretext to arrest Chandrasekhar and finally they found one in Saharanpur riot case. Chandrasekhar has nothing to do with the riot. Neither he was he in Saharanpur at the time of riot nor he hail from that town. He merely protested against the riots in Delhi as Dalits were the victims in the riot. The state machinery including police sided with Thakurs and house of Dalits were burnt and were chased out fro, the villages.

The Saharanpur riot was between the so-called upper caste Thakurs and Dalits.  It started when so called high caste Thakurs took a procession of their Hero Maharana Pratap through Dalit villages with provocative slogans and playing loud music. No permission was taken from the village cheif for the procession. The Dalits protested, which led to a clash between two caste groups.  Dalits were beaten up and their houses were burned with active aid of police.

After the incident many protests took places across India by Dalit organizations. Chandrasekhar organized a massive protest in Delhi against Saharanpur violence. He demanded compensation for victims and called for a Mahapanchayat ( A grand villeage level assembly). The police disrupted the assembly and he was arrested and accused as main conspirator in the riot case – a case where he has nothing to do anyway. The UP High Court granted him bail after years in jail but the very next day UP government detained him and subsequently arrested by slapping national security charge.

The arrest and harassment of Chandrasekhar by Criminal Yogi is done in behest of RSS. Yogi Adiyanath has countless criminal charges pending against him. He is a casteist monster and rabid Muslim hater. Once he even advocated raping dead Muslim women. Now the criminal self-rightous  Manuwadis have become judge and law unto themselves.

It is to be noted that many right wing organizations like RSS, Bajrang Dala, Hindu Sena, Rama Sena etc exist, who openly advocate and indulge in violence against minorities, Dalits and Tribals. Their very existence is against secular principles of constitution. They openly indulge in  lynching, abusing women and disrupting activities of others but go scot-free.

The Manuwadis could not tolerate a small organization like Bhim Army that advocates welfare of Dalits and take up their cases. The future of Dalits is very bleak. Chandrasekhar was ray of hope for Dalit community but now he is fighting for his life.

Four So-Called Jawans Gangrape a School Girl in Koraput

A 14 year tribal school girl in Koraput was brutally raped by four men. Guess what? The rapists are men in uniform, a unit of CRPF. The culprits are not arrested yet. Rape was confirmed in the medical report. But the regional DIG of police has washed police hand off from the case by stating that the two Jawan camps are 25 kilometers from the place of rape and so the jawans can’t be held responsible.

The logic of this high official is ridiculous. Koraput is a Naxal affected area and the army have vehicles at their disposal. The Jawans patrol the area in motorcycles. The place where rape happened falls in their jurisdiction. The raped girl has clearly said four men in uniform has raped her in a isolated are in the jungle.

The girl was returning home alone from a nearby town named Kunduli, when the rapist Jawans intercepted her, and took her to isolated area in jungle and took turns to rape her brutally. Her family also said that the four rapists are in Jawans. This is not first time these evil police forces have raped any tribal girl. In nearby district Malkangiri, personnel belonging to CRPF have raped many tribal girls. Their atrocities on tribal women in Chattisgarh is well documented, but the rapist forces are roaming free.

The Odisha Govt and police are  trying to suppress the incident because it is a blot to their image. First they blamed the naxals for rape. The Naxals strongly denied their role. But now they are blaming victim’s kin. Four of the relatives of victim were detained and intogorrated. It is nothing but harassment and threat to these hapless people to change their statement.

It is shame the Chief Minister of state Navin Pattnaik has not done anything except condemning . The live of tribal and Dalits have cheap to these evil race. Imagine their mindset when they can rape a 15 years school girl so brutally and mercilessly. More shocking is their holier than thou attitude and disowning the incident blaming the victim instead. This is typical solipsist Hindu mentality.

The entire state machinery, police and judiciary are anti-Dalits and anti-tribals. Tribal are indigenous people of the Koraput region.  The Manuwadis have gone to settle there and have established their base in Koraput and small nearby towns like Patangi, Semiliguda  etc. Their main objective is to garb lands of tribal through devious methods and procure goods produced by tribal people at very cheaper rate and sell them high on urban market.

The tribal of Koraput are slowly losing their habitats and lands. The innocent people can’t fight the evil Manuwadi with polic, judiciary and army in their hand.

You Sport a Mustache? You Can be Killed in India for it!

Recently, a notorious upper caste group called Patels have mercilessly and brutally killed a 21 years old Dalit youth named Jayesh Solnak in Anand district of Gujarat.  And his crime? He was watching garba dance performed by a Patel family from a distance. The killers made casteist remark and told him Dalits had no right to even watch dance, while thrashing him mercilessly. Finally, a precious life lost.

Just few days before the incident in the same state, another Dalits was badly beaten up for sporting mustache. Till now three such incidents of beating for wearing mustaches have been reported from the state of Gujarat. I have no words to condemn the incidents. You have must heard of untouchability. It’s basis is not other than the caste system and it has no parallel in the world.

Have you ever heard of crimes based on trifling reasons like this? While the world cries foul over racism it ignores casteism, which is the earliest form of racism, and which still goes on in India unabated. The criminals who belong to so-called upper castes go scot-free sooner or later during the legal course because the police, state machinery and judiciary all manned by so-called upper castes people.

I reiterate casteism is the oldest and most severe form of racism. In fact it is mother of racism. The world needs to recognize the fact. You can easily identify a Dalit person from the so-called upper caste stocks by their racial features. Dalits like Africans have dark(lighter) skin. They have short stature, thin, flat nose(mostly), and wide face. In contrast, the so-called upper castes akin to European. They are fair, long and pointy nose, and tall head. With a mere glance once can identify a Dalit and so-called upper caste persons.

Originally, the color of skin was the basis of caste division when the foreigners Aryans came and settled India. They used derogatory terms like Dasa (slave) and Dasyu (docaits) against the original inhabitants Dalits and Tribals to distinguish themselves. The Indian branch of Aryan race is most wicked race in the world.  They are the extremist solipsist in the world, who believes they can do no wrong. They justify the worst of crimes they commit. They legalized caste system using religion to have absolute control over indigenous people like Dalits and Tribal, who were settled and peaceful community of the land.

The Indo Aryans so called upper castes deny their foreign origin. The white Europeans, who conquered USA, Canada and Australia expressed their regret and apologized to indigenous tribal people for their crimes and misdeed against the latter. Don’t expect that from upper caste (so-called) Indians. They are absolutely shameless solipsists.

Racist Manuwadis Beat Up Nigerian Students Badly in Noida

Recent attack on Nigerian students in Noida by Manuwadi people might come as a shock to many around the world but not to people like me who know these lesser humans from inside out. The beating was so brutal that a sane person can’t watch such gruesome video scenes. The reason of this atrocity is more shocking. Some school kid died of drug overdose but no one knows who did supply. But Nigerians by their skin color by default found in their suspicion. Many Nigerians students in the locality were brutally beaten up.

Shocking as may it sound Racism has its origin in India. This started after the arrival of the most wicked fair-skinned Aryans. They used terms like Dasa and Dasyu to refer to dark skinned-Dravidians. Many may not know Casteism is the earliest and most cruel of racism. The distinction is based on color. The so called middle castes were of later oirgin. Even today, you can easily distinguish a Brahim and Dalit by their racial features. The Brahmins and many upper castes Sindhi and Punjabis in North India have fair skin and facial feature similar to Central Asian and Europeans, which natives like Dalits and Tribal approximate Africans.

It is pity that modern definition of Racism does not include casteism as a form of racism though the racial features of people and discrimination and cruelty more severe than racism practiced in Casteism. Take for example the practice of untouchability. The Dalits have separate place to live and many public places like road, waterpump, ponds etc are not accessible to them. The so-called upper castes practice a form of total boycott against the Dalits.

Even  death does not resolve of the prejudice of these Manuwadi bastards. Recently, Gujarat assembly approved separate crematorium for so-called upper caste population and Dalits. The practice is there since time immemorial but it is first attempt to legalize this cruel form of inequality. One can easily see the mindset of these savages.

The Manuwadis cry foul over slightest incident against them  abroad but at home they practice racism of worst kind against the North east people, the Dalits and Tribal.  The savage incident against innocent Nigerian students are eye openers for the world to see what a filth animal these Manuwadi beasts are.


A Month of Gruesome Dalit Atrocities

The last month (July, 2016) witnessed a number of gruesome atrocities against Dalits that make us ponder whether India deserves to be classified a civilized country even in 20th century. The seer brutalities of these crimes will surpass plots of creepiest horror movies. In this article I will narrate few selected crimes against Dalits in last month.

A Dalit Couple Killed for Just Rs.15 (US$0.10)

A Dalit couple was killed with axe by a Brahmin shopkeeper named Ashok Mishra for pending dues of just Rs.15. The couple had purchased 3 biscuit packets few days before the incident from the shopkeeper on credit, and had promised to pay the amount once they get their wages. The couple work as daily laborers. On the fateful day, the Brahmin attacker confronted the couple when they were going to field for work and demanded instant payment. The couple pleaded that they will arrange the money by evening but the accused refused to listen. He rushed to his home and brought an axe and chopped the couple into pieces.

For Manuwadi of India Dalits life is not worth 10 cent. The world community should denounce Indians and their barbarity that emanate from sub-standard culture they have.

2 Two Dalit Youths Were Beaten by 25 so-called Upper Caste Men for Overtaking their Vehicles

Sound bizarre? Yes it is true. The Manuwadi people have such a superiority complex and hatred against Dalits that they cannot even tolerate Dalit people overtaking their vehicles on public road. This incident happened in Maharashtra. Two Dalit youths were driving a vehicle with a big picture of Ambedkar printed on vehicle’s back. As soon as they overtook the vehicle the so-called upper caste people noticed the picture and stopped the vehicle. Around 25 of these cruel people beat up two Dalit youth in the vehicle mercilessly.

  1. A 14 year Dalit girl in Delhi Kidnapped twice, Brutally Raped and Forced to Drink Acid

The gruesome and sordid incident happened in Delhi. A so-called upper caste man, who resides in neighborhood of the victim, sexually assaulted the girl in last December. Following the incident, the case went to court and the Manuwadi judge let the accused free.  The accused kidnapped the girl again in May, 2016, repeatedly and brutally raped her,  forced to drink acid laced with juice. Following the brutal rape the girl was admitted in a Delhi hospital. After remaining 30 days in life support, the innocent soul passed away.

You can gauge the barbarity of the savage so-called upper caste people from the incident.

  1. A 15 Year Old Dalit Teen Murdered Over Inter-Caste Affair

Manuwadi upper castes hate Dalits – hate deeply. A 15 year Dalit boy who was in love with one of his so-called upper caste girl, was beaten up brutally, chased out on the road and assaulted until he lost his conscious. The doctor declared him dead on arrival. There were injury marks on the head of the victim. The girl’s father supposedly kicked in the private parts of  the boy. It is worthwhile to mention that this is not a case of stalking but an affair with consent of both the boy and girl. Reportedly the duo studied in school for years and had affairs for very long time.

  1. Dalit Family Attacked Over Rumor of Cow Killing

Around 50 members of so-called high caste people belonging to a right wing group attacked a Dalit family in Karnataka suspecting them of killing a cow. Three members of the family seriously injured with multiple fractures. These cruel barbarian did not even spare a disabled family member of the family. All the accused were let off in bail by Manuwadi local court.

The atrocities against Dalits have been increasing of late. Few Dalit youth in Gujarat committed suicide in protest. We at Ambedkar Periyar Society appeal to them not to take their lives. This does not solve the problem. We have a  significant number of people that can do wonder. All that we need is to unite and resist.

4 Dalits Youths Were Badly Beaten Up by Barbarian Upper Castes

4-dalit-youths-beaten-by-gaurakshakIn another incident of gruesome atrocity against Dalits in Gujarat’s, four Dalit youths were beaten up with leather belts and iron roads, and dragged for almost a kilometre, allegedly because they “possessed” cow beef. The incident took place in Una town of Saurashtra region in Gujarat.

The Dalits youth belong to a village called Mota Samdiyara village. They were reportedly called by a community of leather traders of nearby village to collect a dead cow. Before the Dalit youth could reach the place to collect, they wre cornered by so-called upper caste Gau Rakshak group at the Una bus stand. The boys were strippd half naked, tied to an SUV and beaten up in iron roads in full public view. A large crowd gathered there but no one came forward to rescue.

The group which cornered the Dalit youth claimed to be working for the cause of cow protection (Gau Rakshya). The members of the group actually belong to a political outfit called Shiv Sena. The Dalit boys were mercilessly beaten up for over half an hour, and then dragged by chain to a police station nearby. The police did not nab the accused when they dragged the victims to police station. Following the news going viral, the police arrested two of the accused as an eye wash.

India is a country of hypocrites and cowards of highest order. The recent emergence of Gau Rakshak (cow vigilante groups) is attributed to communal politics of ruling BJP government. On one hand the Indian state advocates cow protection on the other hand it promotes cow slaughter in slaughter houses. India recently ranked number one for beef export in the world. Surprisingly, the exporters are none other than so-called upper caste Hindus, especially the Brahmin and Baniya community. The insensitive media branding the youths as cow smugglers.

95% of beef exporters are so-called upper caste Hindus, who use Islamic name to name their companies and thereby giving a false impression. Consider the names of following beef exporting companies and their owner names:

Al-Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Its owner name: Mr. Shatish &Mr. Atul Sabharwal
Add: 92, Jolly makers, Chembur Mumbai 400021

Arabian Exports Pvt.Ltd.
Owner’s name: Mr.Sunil Kapoor
Add: Russian Mansions, Overseas, Mumbai 400001

The Shiv Sena, whose members, beat up the dalit youth is a right wing extremist political organization. Recently one of its prominent members found to be running a big sex racket in Maharashtra. They are well known for communalism and goondaism in India.

International organizations including United Nations are not taking seriously the Dalit atrocities in India that routinely happening. Dalits are suffering in the hand of barbarian upper castes for centuries. The casteism issue is many times more deadlier than racism.

According to National Crime Record Bureau Statistics, 2014, every day 2 dalits are murdered, 4 Dalits women raped and 2 are killed daily. What is more the crime against Dalits are increasing over last few years. The world most takes stock of the issue and takes steps to help the unfortunate community.