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Dalit Girl Tina Dabi Tops Civil Service Exam 2015: A Tight Slap on Face of Manuwadis

Ability is nothing without opportunity.

                                                                     -Napoleon Bonaparte

Perhaps this the first time in the history of civil service that  a Dalit has topped the examination. Tina Dabi, who originally from Haryana and now settled in Delhi topped the prestigious examination. The success of Tina is a strong slap on the face of Manuwadie who deprived Dalits of opportunities for centuries.

All learning, talents and skill useless if here is no opportunity. Dalits have been denied the opportunity to make big in life for centuries. The filthy and veritable chamber of torture called caste system ensured that  Dalits are confined to low grade jobs like manual scavenging, skinning of dead animals, bonded labor etc. The caste system had strongly restricted Dalits’ access to jobs and educations for centuries. Even today certain jobs like temple priests are 100% reserved for Brahmins only.

It was the British who first opened opportunities for Dalits by allowing them into school and taking them into army and other government jobs without any discrimination. India witnessed raise of a giant Dalit leader B.R. Ambedkar in British India. It was Ambedkar who made some provisions In the constitution for upliftment of Dalits.

Coming to the topic it can be said that the success of Tina Dabi will surely inspire Dalits youths across the country. She is just 22 years and it was her first attempt. Her strong determination has brought this accolades for her and for entire Dalit community. She will join her home state Haryana cadre. She must be aware of unimaginable torture and harassment of Dalit girls in the state. Many Dalits girls have been brutally raped and murdered by so called upper caste goons and they went scot free in connivance with state machineries. From their graves  still crying for justice. Hope Tina will listen to their voice and does her bit.

We at APS(Ambedkar Periyar Society) congratulate Tina Dabi for this monumental achievement and wish her the best. We sincerely hope she will work for upliftment of Dalits in the state and fight for their right.


I Am An Anti-National…Count Me Out

I am an Agmark 100% anti-national. I am an anti-national. Please go ahead and prepare a prison cell for me. Keep in mind that I have a slight preference for solitary confinement. I do not want to play the role of cheerleader for a caste society that massacres an entire Dalit village in one night, a police force that colludes in such killing, a political system that justifies these atrocities, a court mafia that allows oppressor-caste culprits to walk away and a nation that allows this nightmare to happen again and again. I want to secede from this sickness.

A nation of mass graves in Kashmir and mass rapes in Bastar can cease to exist. The murders by your military and paramilitaries hold your India together, and since this puffs you up with pride, I wish funeral dirges replace your national anthem. The change in music will change your appreciation of the situation.

For a poem about the father of this nation, I had my books burnt. I no longer address Gandhi in poetry, I resort to the coarsest curses that my mother-tongue provides. Advertised as India’s greatest freedom fighter, his killers today call themselves India’s greatest patriots.

The Constitution may be celebratory, but at the end of a day, its implementation depends on a judiciary that quotes and upholds the Manusmriti. I have nothing but utter contempt for these courts and criminal jurisprudence that targets Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims.

This is the glorious nation whose farmers are pushed to suicide, whose workers are beaten up on factory floors, whose university campuses are laid siege by the police. Banks here exist for the sake of corporates who control the state. In the India where the 1% owns more than half the wealth, national pride is available on a supermarket shelf.

Soaked in the blood of each of the girl children who were not allowed to be born—and that is one woman like me killed for every ten men you see in this country of a billion people—the Indian tricolour has lost its moral fibre. Nation of female genocide, no flag can cover your shame.

I wish to have nothing to do with the idea of an Indian nation. In the name of patriotism, do not demand my complicity for your endless crimes. Count me out.

Note: This is written by prolific young writer Meena Kandasamy and was originally published on Outlook, dt 17/02/2016. One of the most brilliant piece I have read in recent times on Subaltern perspective.


Was Dr. Ambedkar a Patriotic Person?

Dr. Babasaheb Bhimji Rao Ambedkar has often been portrayed as unpatriotic, traitor and criticized for sabotaging Indian Freedom struggle. This biased outlook of the non-dalit people, especially the upper castes have found reflection in mainstream history books and narratives. Simply they hate Ambedkar because he was able to dent into their traditional privileges and succeeded giving Dalits some teethes in form of reservation in education and employment and political representation.

It is because of Ambedkar that India has been able to march forward amidst extreme yet conflicting diversities. It is because of him Hinduism still a majority religion. It is because of his progressive ideas that the western notions of equality and justice have gained some ground otherwise in an extreme unequal and unjust hierarchical social order.

When Ambedkar was tasked to frame constitution of free India by Gandhi and Nehru, he had a great opportunity to vent his frustration and anger against society by breaking India into warring provinces and states. Did he do that? No, he did not. In fact a segment of brain-dead upper castes were demanding to model India after United States. They had proposed to name India as United States of India. Had Ambedkar listened to them or had he had any malicious intent Indian would have now succumbed as a nation. India would have collapsed like erstwhile USSR or Yugoslavia.

The unique type of federalism that Ambedkar introduced in India is the main driving force behind India as a unified nation. The sweeping power to center in matter of defense, finance and national security has made India a center led federalism. There is no scope for a state or region to demand secession from the country. Because of this there is no secession of any state or region from India since independence despite occasional demands for separate country like Khalistan, Gorkhaland etc.

Ambedkar had deep knowledge about the extreme unequal Indian society and the systematic exploitation and oppression of Dalits through centuries. He himself has experienced the trauma of untouchability. He could easily have converted to a foreign religion like Islam and Christianity. In fact Muslim and Christian clerics tried their very best to convert him to their respective religion but Ambedkar refused fair and square. Instead he chose an indigenous religion, i.e, Buddhism to get converted into. He chose Buddhism because he loved the country and did not forget his indigenous root.

Now let’s pause and ask: “What would have happened had Ambedkar converted to Islam or Christianity?” Obviously, Dalits would have converted to any of thesee religions en masse. This move could have potentially helped many Dalits escaping the caste oppression and exploitation of Hindu social order as these religions don’t have hierarchical orders.  Ambedkar was certainly not aware of it. He instead chose Buddhism, which has its root in Hinduism. He loved the country and the progressive ideas and elements in Indian culture.

Ambedkar’s disagreement with Gandhi and his opposition to Poona fast was rooted in his concern for future of Dalits in Independent India. He feared Dalits would be again subjected to the exploitative social order of the past, which the Mughals and British had weakened considerably during their rules. He was opposed to Gandhi who advocated a charity-based approach towards issues of Dalits. Gandhi had no concerns for Dalits. Whatever activism he had for Dalit issues was essentially to counter Ambedkar. Any person who had rudimentary knowledge of Indian history knows the fact.

The above discussion should make it clear that Ambedkar’s opposition and disagreement with Gandhi and other leaders should not be misconstrued as treachery or unpatriotic. At no point he opposed demand fro independence. Unlike many RSS leaders, he never sided with British. He was true patriot and it is reflected well in his deeds.

Author’s Note: On personal note I don’t agree with Babasaheb’s idea of converting to Buddhism. The best defense for Dalits would have been a resolute offence. Instead of remaining within Hindu fold and crying foul of discrimination and exploitation, it would have been better idea to reject the Hinduism and embrace a religion that treat them like human and ensures equality of members. It would have gone a long way removing the inferiority complex that Dalits were made to acquire right from their birth. The exposure to Islam or Christianity would have ensured for Dalits that the caste system/Hinduism is not all that about life and this world.

Hyderabad University Abets Suicide of a Dalit Student

Harassment-induced-suicide among bright Dalit students now spread from IITs and AIIMS to University of Hyderabad with suicide of a Dalit student Rohit Vemula. In one of my earlier posts I had talked about harassment of five Dalit students belonging to Ambedkar Students Association (ASA) by university administration following a complaint by notorious right wing student organization ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) – a student wing or ruling BJP government.

Here is my previous post link:

Following clash between members of ABVP and ASA, the student union president Sushil Kumar, who is a member of ABVP had lodged a complaint against ASA students, who are Dalits. The Manuwadi university administration after conducting an eye-wash enquiry suspended five Dalit students. This was not enough for these manuwadi casteist forces. The local BJP MP Bandaru Dattatreaya involved himself and wrote a letter to HRD ministry, which oversees education in the country. The ministry directed the University to take action, who in turn rusticated the five students and revoked the scholarships they were getting.

Here is the letter of BJP MP Bangaru Dattatraya’s letter to HRD ministry.


Rohit, who was from a poor family, was struggling because of rustication and revocation of scholarship by University. He had even borrowed money to fund his studies. Seeing no hope finally he took the extreme step and committed suicide. This is an extremely sad incident and once again makes us think the deep rooted prejudice against Dalits in Indian society.

It is ABVP, university Admin., the BJP MP and HRD ministry are responsible for the suicide of innocent soul. The ABVP had unnecessarily picked a fight with ASA because the later had protested hanging of Yakub and screened a film on Muzaffnagar riot by right wing extremist. From the letter of BJP MP it can be seen that he had accused ASA members being anti-national, extremists and casteist. This is classic case how MPs abuse their official position. The Education ministry is run by an uneducated lady, who had lied about her qualification in electoral affidavit. She even claimed she has a Yale degree.

After electoral victory the BJP govt is reigning terror in academic space. The right wing force completely destroyed educational system in Madhya Pradesh. The Vyapam scandal is well known. They are interfering academic curriculum of colleges and universities and suppressing all forms of dissent. The harassment of dalit students in UoH is just one example.

bodies of killed dalit on funeral pyres

December 1: Don’t Forget Laxmanpur Bathe Dalit Massacre by Manuwadi Forces

December 1 is just passed but Manuwadi Indians do not remember what happened this day. All they remember is 26/11 Mumbai attack, bomb blasts of 1993, Godse killing Gandhi day, Chacha Nehru’s birth day etc. The dalit community will never forget December, 1.


Barbarism of Manuwadi has no limit!

On this day in the year 1997 at Laxmanpur Bathe in Bihar, Manuwadi, HInduvtabadi terrorist Ranvir Sena mercilessly killed 58 poor dalits, who were landless laborers. The victims include 27 innocent women and 16 kids. Do you know what is their crime? Their only crime is that they are alleged supporters of the Communist Party of India (Marxist and Leninist), which is a recognized political party in India.

Systematic attempt was made to derail the case and finally on 9/10/2013, as expected, the manuwadi High Court acquitted all accused with usual excuse of lack of evidence. The dalits in India have never got justice in single atrocity case. The justice system in India is not blind. The judges can clearly see the two sides of balance and always favor the one which is heavy.

Who is this Raniver Sena?

Ranvir Sena is a casteist and terrorist organization that espouse the doctrines found in Manusmriti. It has vested interest of perpetuating the social capital and traditional privilege that this fraud religion called Hinduism bestows on them. The Ranvir Sena has political connection and has nexus with RSS. A sting by Cobrapost identified all the killers of this terrorist organization and extracted confessions from the accused in the guise of making a documentary film. Shockingly the accused not only confessed their heinous crime but also took pride in their misdeed. In their confessions they have disclosed name of high profile leaders of BJP and RJD unwittingly.

I have already published a post on Cobra post expose. You can read it here:

Dalit Massacre by Ranvir Sena

Even after this serious expose, there is no hue and cry. Barring few Media did not bother the publicize the issue. No condemnation or discussions held by so-called liberal and secular intellectuals of the country. The Supreme Court never initiated any action nor directed government to take cognizance of the matter. I say it again the Manuwadi judges in all echelons of judiciary never delivered a positive judgment in favour of dalits in the history of Independent India. All the care is about “Reservation”, which is a small obstacle in their hegemonic interest.

The leftist parties which claim to serve interest of Dalits are cunning foxes. Their leaders from top to bottom are Brahmins. These leftist parties instigate hapless poor dalits and tribal against powerful government. Most of the Naxal cadres in remote areas are brainwashed tribal and dalits. It is the dalits and tribal members/sympathizers who bear the brunt when police do combing operation. The peaceful dalits and tribal in remote areas are sandwiched between oppressive government police/army and the ruthless naxals. The disadvantaged community of tribal and dalit are sacrificed in the unholy power struggle between government and leftist Manuwadi forces.

In the present case of Laxmanpur Bathe, the CPI ( ML) took no action to file a case in Supreme court against the blatant acquittal of the accused. Nor did they protest or tried to publicize the issue widely. These leftist parties use dalits and tribal as pawns in violence and vote-bank in election.


Dalit Burning Incident in Haryana was Due to Internal Fire! Says the Manuwadi Probe

When was last time Dalits in India did get  justice? Do you remember?

Try Google. Did you find?

I am certain that you won’t find a single case where Dalits have got justice in India. Justice for Dalits is a mirage. They never got justice in pre-independence and post-independence India. The whole state machinery including politicians, judiciary and police, which are manned by upper caste people, schemes and colludes to turn the table and blame the victims instead.

Just a week back the so-called high caste Rajputs in Sumpedh village in Haryana burnt two kids alive and seriously injuring their mother and father while they were sleeping in their home. Following which a probe was ordered into the incident. The forensic report has now been leaked to media. As expected the so-called forensic experts concluded that the two kids died due to an internal fire and not burnt by so-called upper caste Rajputs.

The report is not surprising because all previous investigations looking into dalit atrocities have been tampered and justice never been delivered to hapless dalit people. The same happened about recent gang rape and murder of two dalit minor girls in Badaun and more recently stripping and beating of a dalit family by Noida police.

The case is likely to be abandoned soon. Even the case goes to judiciary, there is no hope and it will only add to plight of victims by way of further victimization by Police and heavy judicial expenses, which the victims cannot bear. Justice in India is not blind. The side representing upper castes of the balance is always heavy. Judges’ mind tilted in favor of so-called upper castes because they themselves belong to those strata. The Indian judiciary never been able to deliver justice to Dalits .

Coming back to the case, let’s ask two questions:

  1. If the Rajput people are not involved why did they abscond after the crime?
  2. If it was incident of internal fire, why the victims would blame on unrelated others?

It is noteworthy that the victim has electricity connection and electricity stays 24 hours round the clock in the area. They are unlikely to use kerosene but the so-called forensic experts want us to believe otherwise.

Right from the occurrence of event the casteist forces tried to give a color of rivalry between two castes and that caste has nothing do here. Some even blamed Christians for engineering the incident though no Christians reside in the locality. A fact finding team led by some researchers had recently gone to the village and found gross human right violation that Rajput people commit on Dalits on daliy basis. Their finding as under:

  1. There is complete absence of sensitivity among upper caste people about plight of Dalits. Assertion of any rightful claim by Dalits in social, economical and political domain is met with hatred, outright violence, discrimination and exclusion.
  2. Eve-teasing and harassment of dalit women and girls by Rajput youth is rampant.
  3. In numerous occasions before the incident, the Rajputs had threatened the victim Jitendra of murder and elimination of his family.

The situation of dalits in India is worse that African American in USA and other countries. It is high time international community and United Nations take up their cause.

Manuwadi SC Gives Excuse of National Interest to Scrap Quota in Higher Education

Two manuwadi Brahmin judges of Supreme Court, Dipak Misra and P.C.Pant, today advised Hinduvtawadi Central Government to take steps to scrap reservation from higher educational institutions. This comes closely in the heel of recent remark by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat that reservation policy needs to be reviewed. This appears to be a big conspiracy to deprive dalits of whatever access they had to higher education.

Historically, dalits are denied access to education through religious sanction for centuries. It is the British who stopped the discrimination and allowed dalit children to attend schools and colleges. After independence, a model of 15% reservation in higher education and jobs was implemented due to relentless effort of Dr. Ambedkar.

Right from the time reservation policy implemented the manuwadi forces are making attempt to cripple the initiative that gives the dalits a slim hope of upliftment. The casteist forces have succeeded in diluting the reservation policy to a large extent. The cut-off mark is one such ploy. Dalit students securing below threshold marks are not being admitted and the vacant seats go to general category as a result.

The autonomous status of institution policy gives the teachers power to decide the future of students. Majority of teachers are upper castes and they deliberately fail dalit students and give very low marks. They have ruined career of many bright dalit students. Many students committed suicide because of harassment and violence by high caste teachers and students alike. From 2008 to 2011, as many as 18 dalit students in premier institutions like IITs and AIIMS committed suicide due to harassment by teachers.

Despite reservations only 1.8% of dalit students have access to higher education because of their very poor economic status. Reserved seats in many premier colleges and institutions regularly fall vacant due to lack of sufficient number of dalit student applicants. Vacant seats as per rule go to general students. Even this fact does not convince the manuwadi casteist forces. They want their domination over dalits and other backward castes to be absolute.

As I said before the Brahminical forces are making relentless effort to scrap reservation and perpetuate their hegemony. When the 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes in jobs implemented in late 80s the casteist forces responded by introducing privatization in education and majority of sectors in economy. They have effectively excluded private sectors including private education institutions from the reach of reservation policy.

When 27% reservation in higher education for OBC was introduced in early 2000s, the casteist forces managed to double the seats in existing governmental institutions and thereby able to remain unaffected by new policy. Now they want to scrap reservation in toto.

Recently the BJP ruled Rajasthan Government has introduced quota system for economically weaker sections in upper caste population. The ultimate attempt of these manuwadi forces is to do away with reservation policy by diluting and weakening it within.

Reservation is needed because extreme unjust social order. The upper caste people carry a social capital, which ensures their safety and success. Majority of the upper caste kids study in elite public schools while dalits study in unfit government schools. 93% of dalits live Below Poverty Line. The drop out of dalit students start at primary level itself because of extreme poverty, segregation in school, denial of access, huge distance of residence from school (dalits are forced to stay at outskirt of village) and violence and constant harassment of innocent dalit kids by higher caste teachers and students.

The extreme inequality in the country is such that the right wing government is unwilling to release caste data for fear of being exposed. The SC never take cognizance of caste atrocities and harassments that dalit routinely face. What action has it taken the biased judiciary decisions that lower judiciary regularly and routinely give against dalits? Giving such baseless opinion without examining ground reality is not only uncalled for but highly condemnable as well.