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The Curious Case of Bhim Army Founder Chandrasekhar AKA Ravan

If you are a Dalit and want to pay back the Manuwadis in same coin, think again. The heartless, savage and barbarian Manuwadis will do everything to stop you. They are beast and don’t have a heart. They lack empathy.  A young man named Chandrasekar founded Bhim Army with sole objective to fight back the increasing atrocities by Manuwadi forces on innocent Dalits.

What did he get in return?

No sooner he was arrested and that too with false charge. He was jailed for long but managed to secure bail from High Court recently. Before he could see freedom a serious and false ‘national security’ charge was slapped against him and detained by Manuwadi UP government led by  a criminal narcissist thug turned Chief Minister goes by name Yogi Adityanath.  The young man Chandrasekhar was beaten up by so called upper caste criminal inmates inside jail. After he was rejailed he was allegedly beaten up by police and now fighting for life in District Hospital in Lucknow.

So what actually happened?

Chandrasekhar was accused by criminal Yogi Government as main conspirator in Saharanpur riot case and serious charges under various sections of IPC was slapped on him, and subsequently he was put in jail.

Chandrasekhar was a lawyer and he founded Bhim Army to help Dalits fight back and empower them to realize their full potentials. It runs around 300 schools for Dalit students to study without fear of caste discrimination and harassment. The schools are run by Dalit teachers. Bhim Army protested vociferously against caste atrocities that are reported almost Daily basis. It garnered support of large number of Dalits in less time, which alarmed the right wingers.

The criminal Manuwadis were looking for a pretext to arrest Chandrasekhar and finally they found one in Saharanpur riot case. Chandrasekhar has nothing to do with the riot. Neither he was he in Saharanpur at the time of riot nor he hail from that town. He merely protested against the riots in Delhi as Dalits were the victims in the riot. The state machinery including police sided with Thakurs and house of Dalits were burnt and were chased out fro, the villages.

The Saharanpur riot was between the so-called upper caste Thakurs and Dalits.  It started when so called high caste Thakurs took a procession of their Hero Maharana Pratap through Dalit villages with provocative slogans and playing loud music. No permission was taken from the village cheif for the procession. The Dalits protested, which led to a clash between two caste groups.  Dalits were beaten up and their houses were burned with active aid of police.

After the incident many protests took places across India by Dalit organizations. Chandrasekhar organized a massive protest in Delhi against Saharanpur violence. He demanded compensation for victims and called for a Mahapanchayat ( A grand villeage level assembly). The police disrupted the assembly and he was arrested and accused as main conspirator in the riot case – a case where he has nothing to do anyway. The UP High Court granted him bail after years in jail but the very next day UP government detained him and subsequently arrested by slapping national security charge.

The arrest and harassment of Chandrasekhar by Criminal Yogi is done in behest of RSS. Yogi Adiyanath has countless criminal charges pending against him. He is a casteist monster and rabid Muslim hater. Once he even advocated raping dead Muslim women. Now the criminal self-rightous  Manuwadis have become judge and law unto themselves.

It is to be noted that many right wing organizations like RSS, Bajrang Dala, Hindu Sena, Rama Sena etc exist, who openly advocate and indulge in violence against minorities, Dalits and Tribals. Their very existence is against secular principles of constitution. They openly indulge in  lynching, abusing women and disrupting activities of others but go scot-free.

The Manuwadis could not tolerate a small organization like Bhim Army that advocates welfare of Dalits and take up their cases. The future of Dalits is very bleak. Chandrasekhar was ray of hope for Dalit community but now he is fighting for his life.


A Month of Gruesome Dalit Atrocities

The last month (July, 2016) witnessed a number of gruesome atrocities against Dalits that make us ponder whether India deserves to be classified a civilized country even in 20th century. The seer brutalities of these crimes will surpass plots of creepiest horror movies. In this article I will narrate few selected crimes against Dalits in last month.

A Dalit Couple Killed for Just Rs.15 (US$0.10)

A Dalit couple was killed with axe by a Brahmin shopkeeper named Ashok Mishra for pending dues of just Rs.15. The couple had purchased 3 biscuit packets few days before the incident from the shopkeeper on credit, and had promised to pay the amount once they get their wages. The couple work as daily laborers. On the fateful day, the Brahmin attacker confronted the couple when they were going to field for work and demanded instant payment. The couple pleaded that they will arrange the money by evening but the accused refused to listen. He rushed to his home and brought an axe and chopped the couple into pieces.

For Manuwadi of India Dalits life is not worth 10 cent. The world community should denounce Indians and their barbarity that emanate from sub-standard culture they have.

2 Two Dalit Youths Were Beaten by 25 so-called Upper Caste Men for Overtaking their Vehicles

Sound bizarre? Yes it is true. The Manuwadi people have such a superiority complex and hatred against Dalits that they cannot even tolerate Dalit people overtaking their vehicles on public road. This incident happened in Maharashtra. Two Dalit youths were driving a vehicle with a big picture of Ambedkar printed on vehicle’s back. As soon as they overtook the vehicle the so-called upper caste people noticed the picture and stopped the vehicle. Around 25 of these cruel people beat up two Dalit youth in the vehicle mercilessly.

  1. A 14 year Dalit girl in Delhi Kidnapped twice, Brutally Raped and Forced to Drink Acid

The gruesome and sordid incident happened in Delhi. A so-called upper caste man, who resides in neighborhood of the victim, sexually assaulted the girl in last December. Following the incident, the case went to court and the Manuwadi judge let the accused free.  The accused kidnapped the girl again in May, 2016, repeatedly and brutally raped her,  forced to drink acid laced with juice. Following the brutal rape the girl was admitted in a Delhi hospital. After remaining 30 days in life support, the innocent soul passed away.

You can gauge the barbarity of the savage so-called upper caste people from the incident.

  1. A 15 Year Old Dalit Teen Murdered Over Inter-Caste Affair

Manuwadi upper castes hate Dalits – hate deeply. A 15 year Dalit boy who was in love with one of his so-called upper caste girl, was beaten up brutally, chased out on the road and assaulted until he lost his conscious. The doctor declared him dead on arrival. There were injury marks on the head of the victim. The girl’s father supposedly kicked in the private parts of  the boy. It is worthwhile to mention that this is not a case of stalking but an affair with consent of both the boy and girl. Reportedly the duo studied in school for years and had affairs for very long time.

  1. Dalit Family Attacked Over Rumor of Cow Killing

Around 50 members of so-called high caste people belonging to a right wing group attacked a Dalit family in Karnataka suspecting them of killing a cow. Three members of the family seriously injured with multiple fractures. These cruel barbarian did not even spare a disabled family member of the family. All the accused were let off in bail by Manuwadi local court.

The atrocities against Dalits have been increasing of late. Few Dalit youth in Gujarat committed suicide in protest. We at Ambedkar Periyar Society appeal to them not to take their lives. This does not solve the problem. We have a  significant number of people that can do wonder. All that we need is to unite and resist.

A mob of 46 Coward Manuwadis Kill 1 Dalit Farmer in Gujarat!

Dalit life in India is a living hell. A Dalit man named Rama Singrahiya, aged 42, was brutally beaten to death with axes and clubs by so-called upper caste men in the village, near Porabandar, Gujarat. The mob of 46 manuwadi beasts was led by the village Sarapanch (elected village head)  Harbham Karavarda,  The silly reason cited for killing is that the victim was farming in a land meant for cattle grazing.

The victim Rama had been cultivating that land for past 15 years, and had applied for regularization to district authority long back. The casteist district admin has not issued order till date while it regularized lands held by so-called upper caste villagers. The wicked so-called upper caste people in the village has encroached the Panchyat and government land with impunity.

It is to mention that there are only 300 Dalit families in the village of 8000 people. Majority of them are landless. Very few hold marginal land. They earn their living working in the field of so-called upper caste in the villages. The victim Rama Singrahiya is an independent minded person and he earned his livelihood independently with the marginal land he had own.

Previously the victim Rama’s father and brother had been killed by so-called upper caste men in the village. They had also set his standing crop on fire just eight months back. The casteist village has also separate burial ground for Dalit population. The wicked upper caste routenly harass Dalits but Rama was a kind of person who asserted his right and refused to budge against brow beating of so-called upper caste men.

After the case registered, the low enforcement agencies are showing their bias and callous approach as usual. The District Collector Dinesh Patel indirectly supported the village Panchayat. While mob of 46 people killed Rama only 3 persons were arrested so far. Certainly there is no hope for victim to get justice. The killers are the same people who have killed his father and brother.

Gujarat is one of the states where Dalit atrocities are highest. More than 50% people languishing in prison are Dalits. The distribution of land under land reform law which was supposed to benefit landless Dalits and tribal has actually gone to so-called upper caste called Patels under back door.

It is high time for Dalits to realize that the Indian state has absolutely no interest in their welfare. Whatever concessional provisions there that exist for them were due to struggle by Dr. Ambedkar and not because of charity of Manuwadi people.They should understand that life lived under subjugation not a life worth living. Dalits have to fight back like the Afro-American did after Minnesota and Louisiana cold blooded murders. Time has come for retribution and stop being lambs taken for slaughter.

Nation of Savages and Barbarians: Two Cases of Dalit Atrocities in Recent Times

The nation of barbarians and savages is at again. Not a single day passes without us hearing cruelties of these cruel beasts on Dalits in some part of India are other. These children of vermin continue to cause immense hardship and suffering to Dalits with impunity. They have no regret of their shameful past. They derive hedonistic pleasure from torturing and brutalizing Dalits every day.

The atrocities these mortal vampires commit on Dalits can easily put to shame most horrific plots of scariest horror movies. Many ghastly incidents have been reported recently. Two cases here are worthy to present before world because the scale of brutality and the reasons are unparalleled in the contemporary world.

Manu Tanti is a Dalit and daily laborer in Bihar. He was recently brutally killed by the so-called barbarian upper caste for demanding unpaid wage of last four days he worked. He was forcibly put into a thresher and the machined gored him into two halves just above his waist. This is what they do to Dalits for demanding something rightful. These evil beasts who wear the body of human are used to bonded labor since they established their hegemony in India. Murderous-blood of their forefathers flows in their wicked veins and arteries. They inherit the genes of one of the most evils people who lived in the planet.


Let’s now go to the second case. This happened in Kyuri village in the state of Uttar Pradesh. A boy and his entire family were beaten up with sticks by goons led by a Brahmin named wicked Anil Sharma. The reason is very palpable. A boy belonging to the family had gone to purchase sweet from a shop belonging to a Brahmin and he accidentally touched the shop owner Anil Sharma. He gave a severe thrashing to the boy right there. When the family of boy protested late on, the shop owner took some goons and brutally beat up family members with sticks. They kicked in the stomach of a pregnant woman of the victim’s family, following which she was admitted in Hospital.

dalit-valmili -family

Are you wondering about justice for the victims of the above two cases? Justice continue to elude Dalits because the entire state machinery and  (criminal) jurisprudence system informally operates on the basis of ancient cruel book Manusmriti. These wicked children/grand children of bloody Aryans and their mixed brethrens sit as judges, politicians, journalists, police, officers etc. who create multiple hurdles so much so that Dalits never get justice. In around 99% cases the victims are blamed instead.

Let’s listen what the jurisdictional station officer Pinhat Satyendar Singh has to say in the second incident: “No one has been arrested in the matter. It was a simple brawl between drunk Valmiki ‘s (the caste name of victims) who were attending a marriage party. One of the drunk allegedly misbehaved with a Brahmin man after which a scuffle took place.

Even before conducting an investigation he makes biased statement simply because he himself belongs to the upper caste. This is just a sample. Almost every atrocity case again dalits are ignored/solved like this.

I appeal to the concerned people especially those who are in North America and Europe to raise the issue of Dalits in India and extend your support to these unfortunate people. Indian government must be answerable to World Community for gross human right violations against Dalits.

Police Strips Dalit Family Nude, Parades and Beat Them Up to Pulp

Things are worsening day by day for dalit in India. Recently two dalit youths have been lynched in Punjab for a trivial issue and an old man was burned alive in UP because he tried to enter a temple. Now the Manuwadi barbaric casteist savages have stripped and paraded a five members dalit family that include three female in full public view and the accused this time are none other than the protectors of law – the police. Reportedly they are beaten up as well.

This ghastly incident occurred in NOIDA – a satellite city of Delhi. It is alleged that the victim Sunil Gautam was robbed at night by 4/5 people on 7/10/15. The next day he along with his family members went to a nearby police station to register a FIR (First Information Report) against unknown robbers. The police refused for no reason. Following which the family members staged protest outside the police station. The heartless casteist station officer Praveen Yadav humiliated them by  stripping all the family members and beating them up badly in full public view. The victims also include few kids of the family.

Check the following snaps and video.


This is how they treat our dalit brethren!

What the press says?

As usual all the mainstream newspapers did not report the incident while a couple of Hindi dailies tried to blame the victims by giving it a color of naked protest. Naked protest never happens in India except the one by mothers of Manipur who protested against rape and atrocities of Assam Rifles. Stripping oneself in public is considered a very disgraceful act in India, let alone naked protest. Anyway check the pictures and video how the desperate hapless women trying to protect their modesty.


Showing power over hapless is actually cowardice

All the political parties and public intellectuals are silent because overwhelming majority of them are apologists. They always considered dalit problems to be minor. The UP government and police without conducting an enquiry blamed the victims instead.

The situations of dalits in India are several times worse than the blacks in Europe and America. The age old problem continues goes unabated. The Indian government has been able to successful hide the inexplicable atrocities from International Community. The harassment and atrocities on dalits are day to day occurrence and majority of them go unreported.

The noted social activist Arundhati Roy has coined the word “Project Unseen” to describe how state machinery including judiciary along with press regularly let the accused free whenever there is an atrocity on dalits. Recently a Cobrapost sting exposed with video graphic proof how the casteist Ranveer Sena with full support of some BJP leaders massacred dalits of an entire village in Bihar. No action has been taken either by government or judiciary.

My request to International Community

Being an educated dalit and extremely concerned person I appeal the international community to widely publicize the problems of dalits and pressurize the Indian government to bring the preparators of atrocities to book. The United Nations must classify the caste problem India in the same category as racism.

Why dalits are not fighting back? You might like to ask.

The oppression of dalits is very systematic. First, the dalit community is always less in number in a village setting. The entire upper castes gang up whenever a conflict arises between dalits and other caste. Second, they are very poor who lives from hands to mouth and thus have no economic/financial power to afford security for themselves or fight it out outside in police/court. Finally, majority of dalits have inferiority complex because of religion enforced caste system over centuries. They cannot think beyond caste and have accepted their subserviced position.

The only way for them to liberate themselves from this veritable chamber of torture called casteism/Hinduism is by rejecting the system and not by protesting within. This can be possible only when dalits acquire knowledge and economically empower themselves though it is a very tough task. As a responsible and concerned person, you have the responsibility of giving them a helping hand.