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Why Manuwadis Fake Patriotism?

After BJP has come to power the fervor with which the word ‘patriotism’ is trumpeted will make  a sane person go insane. They say for them India comes FIRST and other things a distant second. Unsurprisingly, they justify their deeds and misdeeds by invoking patriotism. Even hard core criminal like Chotta Rajan resorted to patriotism in his defense. I will uncover why these vile creatures harp on patriotism all the time.

It is open secret that these casteist beasty people did not participate during India’s independence struggle. They openly colluded with British and did not take part in Quit India movement. After India own independence they started harping on patriotism. I don’t want to go to history but want to make my point in present political setting.

First and foremost, patriotism provides a cover to hide their atrocities on Dalit, Tribal and minorities. If you raise these issues they would say they are more worried about India than the petty issues like caste rape or killing. They conveniently ignore the fact that such incidents occur almost on daily basis. Patriotism suppresses the gross human right violations that go on in many parts of India unabated.

Secondly, the present govt is upper caste, especially Brahmin and Bania friendly. Their policies are geared for benefit of these privileged people and at the expense of majority. Snatching of tribal land in Jharakhand and Chattisgarh, increasing various taxes for commoners, demonetization  raising prices of essential commodities, diesel petrol hike etc. are the tricks to transfer the wealth of masses to privileged few. All these actions of govt being justified on nation interest and invoking patriotism.

Finally, patriotism is a solid excuse to polarize masses on religion basis. They label Muslims and Christians as anti-nationals while proclaim themselves  nationalist. They demand unequivocal support for what the Manuwadi BJP govt doing. Unfortunately, thy have succeeded in their strategy and able to polarize people on religion basis on most states. Even Dalits and tribals are brought into their lies and they rip political dividend.

Throughout history they succeed exploiting Dalit Bahujans through religious agenda and in current age they have turned to propaganda.

bodies of killed dalit on funeral pyres

December 1: Don’t Forget Laxmanpur Bathe Dalit Massacre by Manuwadi Forces

December 1 is just passed but Manuwadi Indians do not remember what happened this day. All they remember is 26/11 Mumbai attack, bomb blasts of 1993, Godse killing Gandhi day, Chacha Nehru’s birth day etc. The dalit community will never forget December, 1.


Barbarism of Manuwadi has no limit!

On this day in the year 1997 at Laxmanpur Bathe in Bihar, Manuwadi, HInduvtabadi terrorist Ranvir Sena mercilessly killed 58 poor dalits, who were landless laborers. The victims include 27 innocent women and 16 kids. Do you know what is their crime? Their only crime is that they are alleged supporters of the Communist Party of India (Marxist and Leninist), which is a recognized political party in India.

Systematic attempt was made to derail the case and finally on 9/10/2013, as expected, the manuwadi High Court acquitted all accused with usual excuse of lack of evidence. The dalits in India have never got justice in single atrocity case. The justice system in India is not blind. The judges can clearly see the two sides of balance and always favor the one which is heavy.

Who is this Raniver Sena?

Ranvir Sena is a casteist and terrorist organization that espouse the doctrines found in Manusmriti. It has vested interest of perpetuating the social capital and traditional privilege that this fraud religion called Hinduism bestows on them. The Ranvir Sena has political connection and has nexus with RSS. A sting by Cobrapost identified all the killers of this terrorist organization and extracted confessions from the accused in the guise of making a documentary film. Shockingly the accused not only confessed their heinous crime but also took pride in their misdeed. In their confessions they have disclosed name of high profile leaders of BJP and RJD unwittingly.

I have already published a post on Cobra post expose. You can read it here:

Dalit Massacre by Ranvir Sena

Even after this serious expose, there is no hue and cry. Barring few Media did not bother the publicize the issue. No condemnation or discussions held by so-called liberal and secular intellectuals of the country. The Supreme Court never initiated any action nor directed government to take cognizance of the matter. I say it again the Manuwadi judges in all echelons of judiciary never delivered a positive judgment in favour of dalits in the history of Independent India. All the care is about “Reservation”, which is a small obstacle in their hegemonic interest.

The leftist parties which claim to serve interest of Dalits are cunning foxes. Their leaders from top to bottom are Brahmins. These leftist parties instigate hapless poor dalits and tribal against powerful government. Most of the Naxal cadres in remote areas are brainwashed tribal and dalits. It is the dalits and tribal members/sympathizers who bear the brunt when police do combing operation. The peaceful dalits and tribal in remote areas are sandwiched between oppressive government police/army and the ruthless naxals. The disadvantaged community of tribal and dalit are sacrificed in the unholy power struggle between government and leftist Manuwadi forces.

In the present case of Laxmanpur Bathe, the CPI ( ML) took no action to file a case in Supreme court against the blatant acquittal of the accused. Nor did they protest or tried to publicize the issue widely. These leftist parties use dalits and tribal as pawns in violence and vote-bank in election.