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Modi and Demonetization: A Fraudster and a Financial Fraud

The ongoing demonetization has hit hard on people and even harder on Dalits and Adivasi. The excuse for demonetization is supposedly ‘black-money’. The plan has wrecked havoc, especially on rural economy – the lifeblood of Dalit Bahujans. Millions have become jobless over night. Small survival-businesses are shutting down in alarming rate because lack of demand. Dalits and advasis are hardest hit. Their situation is further worsened.

From the very outset we are saying Modi is a Bania man but managed to become an OBC in early 1990’s. He has exploited the 54% OBC people’s sentiment to telling effect for his own Bania men and his masters’ interest – the Brahmin.  He has done nothing for OBCs, neither during the tenure as CM of Gujarat nor during his current tenure as PM. Yet the population, especially the majority OBCs are following blindly like the Nazis who followed Hitler.

Modi is aptly named as ‘feku’ because the ease and normal ways he lies and fakes everything he speaks and does without sounding suspicious. He had lied about his marital status, lied about his qualification, lied about his origin and lied about everything. He was not a ‘chaiwala’ (tea seller) as he himself is portraying to win over poor masses. He had a great childhood and even visited USA before his political career. The evidence along with photos is in public domain for everyone to see.

The much publicized Gujarat model of development is a total lie and cut-paste work of Photoshop.  The photoshoped works were made viral to every section of unsuspecting population by hiring a US based PR agency. Many national and international reports including that of UN clearly expose the Gujarat model. The state is not even in the top 5 states in India. Poverty, malnutrition and notably atrocities against Dalits and women are too high.

Modi rose to become Prime Minister on the back of tall promises. He promised to bring back black money stashed abroad in 100 days, promised to allow OROP (One Rank One Person) to army people within 100 days, promised to create 20 millions jobs every year, and many promises, none of which he has fulfilled till date.

Modi fighting black money Is like porn stars talking about virginity. BJP had spent an estimated 5 billion USD in last Lok Sabha election. It is an open secret that Modi was using Ambani’s chartered flight during election campaign and contribution of Gautam Adani and Ambani are obvious. During his tenure as CM in Gujarat Adani had acquired thousands acres of land at price less than $1 per square meter.

Coming to current demonetization process, one cannot help but wonder a person who used to say majority of black money are stashed abroad by minority few suddenly sees black money in everyone’s pocket. The move was to help Modi’s political funders like Ambani and Adani who owe trillions of dollars to banks and had driven banking sector to near bankruptcy. A bail out was badly needed.

This year the Moody’s group had predicted that Indian banking system is on the verge of collapse due to huge non-paid debt by borrowers. The demonetization plan was made to rescue banks, write-off debts of crony-capitalists, and help businesses like JIO and Paytm, who are cashing in out of people’s miseries. As saving from public started pouring into bank Govt promptly wrote off around 6000 Crores of corporate debt.

Another side but very important objective behind the move was to render opposition cashless before UP and other state elections. BJP is minority in Rajya Sabha and naturally wants to win a big state like UP that sends large number of MPs to Rajya Sabha. Report has that BJP, its ally TDP and friendship circle knew the Govt’s plan of demonization beforehand and thus converted their black money into white. The BJP unit in Bihar caught acquiring huge tract of lands in the first week of November. Just hour before announcement the BJP Bengal unit deposited around 3 crores in one of the nationalized bank. One of the BJP office bearers in Punjab had tweeted a selfie with a wad of RS. 2000 notes before announcement by Modi.

During the first quarter of this year, the BJP government has increased outward remittance limits by Indians from $75, 000 to $250, 000, and as a result around 450 billions USD flew out of country. It is safe to assume the BJP, the hydra head monster RSS which has countless organizations under its umbrella, and BJP’s industrial friends have exploited the legal loopholes to stash their money abroad.

This year also witnessed import of high quantity of valuable items including gold. RBI’s own data shows during the second quarter of current financial year, deposits in all banks have increased substantially compared to early years. These facts clearly point out that a select few has prior information about demonetization.

The demonetization has caused massive troubles for people especially the Dalits and adivasis. Most of them don’t have bank accounts, are illiterates, and work as laborers and run small businesses. Suddenly they found themselves unemployed. They can’t exchange whatever the cash they have because they neither have bank account nor have identity information. Dishonest upper caste people are exploiting them by paying 3 or 4 100 rupees note for every 500 rupees exchanged. The productive Dalit and tribal have lost countless productive hours because of the Manuwadi Nautkani (mischief).

The chronic corruption problem in India is not due to 60 years rule of Congress rather it is rooted in their corrupt culture. Corruption is a way of life of Indians.  Since ages the non-productive upper caste masses, especially the Brahmins, have lived luxurious lives by extorting money, lands and resources of Dalits Bahujans. After independence the same practice followed in different form albeit the Birtish introduced democracy.

It is to be noted that India is socially most unequal country in the world and second most in economic inequality. And the victims of corruption are none other than the mulnvasi (indigenous) Dait Bahujans. The demonetization, which is nothing but legalized corruption, is all set to push Dalits and Bahujans back to why they were before advantageous British rule.


Hindu God Krishna and Narendra Modi: A Tale of Two Manuwadi Agents

Curious, folk?

Yes, in today’s blog post I will give an interesting analogy of two Manuwadi stooges, who played great roles in furthering Manuwad agenda in their respective times.

The Hinduvta forces today often cites the example of Hindu God Krishna to force Dalits to accept Caste system and Hinduvta brand of Hindu religion claiming Krishna was himself a Dalit and it was he who founded the philosophy of Karma-Dharma and it was who justified the extreme unequal casteist social order.

This is of course true, but was Krishna a Dalit person?

The answer is a plain ‘no’.

His biological father and mother i.e., Vasudev and Devaki belonged to so-called high caste. Krishna was brought in a Yadav family – a low shudra caste. His foster parents’ names were Nanda and Yosada. Krishna even today is a very popular deity among lower castes but what you may not know is that he was actually a Brahmin stooge who defended Casteist and barbaric Aryan social order.

Why was that Krishna implanted in the Yadav community?

During the time of Krishna, Yadavs were very powerful, large-in-number and dominant indigenous people in North India. They are openly defied the Aryans. The minority Aryans had no hope of defeating and subjugating them. The only way for them was social engineering and manipulating emotions of Yadavs to their advantage. Accordingly they implanted a very clever, cunning and dark man named Krishna among Yadavs. In the process of social engineering the Brahmins weaved false heroics stories of Krishna killing giants and dancing over the head of seven headed sea serpents and popularized them.

As expected Krishna justified the four fold divisions in society and further added “Karma-Dharma” principle to reinforce and strengthen the same. The curious thing is that he never served interest of Yadavs. He treated Yadav women as sexual object and exploited them with his deceit and cunningness. He had even invited his elder brother Balram to enjoy company of Yadav women during later’s tour just before Mahabharat war. Krishna had deep love for a Yadav woman named Radha but never married here because she was from a lower caste.

Anyway, Krishna succeeded winning over Yadav populace while at the same time making them covertly accept a lower social status in social order. The Brahmin easily own over the Yadavs without having to fight a war. The bottomline is that he was a Brahmin stooge, who was implanted by Brahmins among lower caste people to serve their self-interest.

Fast forward to modern time…

We have popular Norendra Modi. He claims he is from a lower caste and thus a Dalit. The truth is however bitter. He was a higher caste person like Krishna and spent his childhood learning and imbibing Brahmnical chauvinistic ideals. In the early  1990s his family was legally granted OBC (Other Backward Class) status.

The OBCs in Indian are largest in number, comprising 54% of population. The Brahmins and upper caste combine has only around 15% population and that is the reason why the Brahmin party BJP has not been able to seize political powers many times since independence. The only way for the Brahmins was to penetrate into lower caste vote shares. Narendra Modi was precisely choosen for the purpose. Like guillable Yadavs during Krishna’s time, the guilliable OBC in recently concluded Lok Sabha election voted en masse for Modi thinking him a real fellow OBC, who would serve their interest.

Modi never helped Dalits when he was chief minister of Gujarat for more than a decade. He used them as foot soldiers during communal disturbance and riots. It is indeed pity that more than 50% prisoners lodged in Gujarat prisons are Dalits. The land reform that was supposed to benefit Dalits were given to dominant Patels and Brahmins. Modi in his writing and speech justified lower status of Dalits saying doing manual scavenging jobs is a type of spiritual experience.

After Modi became PM of India, he has not done anything that would benefit Dalits and Shudra castes. Caste violence in fact has increased and the preparators are getting scot free. I feel like writing more but I guess I have to serve the objective of the blog post.

In nutshell, Hindu God Krishna and Modi were Brahmin stooges, who manipulated emotion of lower cast masses to help Brahmins accede to power and force people to accept Brahminic line of thinking.

Brutal Rapes of Dalit Women: Is The World Seeing?

Since ancient times, Dalit women have been victim of upper caste brutalities, which is still going on unabated. In so-called glorious past of Hindus, Dalit women faced unimaginable horrors. In many places, they were not allowed to wear dress above waist. In Kerala, there was once a barbaric cruel tax system called “Breast Tax” levied on the size of the breasts of Dalit women. You can imagine the kind of wickedness the upper caste Hindus inhibit. No wonder Dr. Ambedkar termed the Hindus as most wicked people on the earth.

Atrocities on Dalit women, perpetrated by upper caste people in most cases go unnoticed. The entire system including police and judiciary always take the side of upper castes for simple reason that 80% of officials are upper caste people. Because of few sensitive people and media, a case or two are brought to the notice but accused are let free without being punished. 99.99% chances are that you may not find a prisoner in Indian jail, who is languishing for caste crime.


The recent Badaun gangrape has shocked the world. Two under aged girls (Cousins 15 and 14 years) who went out to attend nature’s call, were kidnapped by people belong to to OBC (Other Backward Castes, who have status higher than the Dalits), brutally raped throughout night, killed and hanged from village tree. The postmortem report confirmed the incident was rape and murder. The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), which is like FBI in USA under Federal Government, reached shocking conclusions that there was no evidence of rape or murder but was a case of suicide. Finally, the accused were set free. The parents of victims are very poor and cannot fight the system

The wicked upper caste people tried to pass the blame to the victims. Some claimed that one of the girls had affair with a boy of other caste and suicide is result of that. Some blamed parents of the victims of killing their own daughters and giving it a color of rape and suicide. These are false rumors obviously for the following reasons:

  1. If one girl had an affair, why the unconnected cousin commit suicide?
  2. It is unimaginable the girls can climb such huge tree. Check the photo below yourself.
  3. The parents have informed the police immediately about missing girls but the police took no action. They even told the name of suspected persons as one of relatives seen the accused dragging the girls but retreated as the accused threatened him.

badaun gang rape

The BJP government ruling at center did nothing to give justice. The current PM is well known for his anti-dalits attitude. He always beat breasts of him being from a low caste but he does not care for people, who are further lower down. Worse, the CBI, which concluded the inquiry in favor of accused, is a central government organization and notorious for doing what central govt. tell them to do.


Unlike the Badaun rape case, the Bolangir rape case has not gained attention but it is no less gruesome. A 15 year old girls named Snehalata, who is a school student, was kidnapped by upper caste men, brutally raped and burned. Till now no arrest has been made so far.

See yourself the pictures below and you can imagine the brutality of crime these wicked people commit on Dalit women and girls.

badaun gang rape of dalit girls

badaun gang rape of dalit girls

It is your responsibility to help this extremely less fortunate people. Raise your voices, speak for them in international forums, pressurize Indian government to upheld dignity of their lives and give justice to them. Write your opinions in blogs and widely publicize the issue Dalit community face. Remember Casteism is more severe than Racism.