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How Manuwadis Are Weakening the Reservation System from Within?

The reservation system is under threat today. The Manuwadis are hell bent to weaken the system from within so that the system gets dismantled gradually. Their recent policies are clearly reflective of thei sinister motive. Even some Dalits leaders are party to it for their narrow material gain, unmindful of the serious consequences that might cause to Dalit people.

First and foremost, reservation is not an alms or charity that handed over to Dalits by so-called upper caste people. It is hard fought and result of continuous struggle of  Dr. Babah Saheb Bhimji Rao Ambedkar. His many proposals before British to correct historical injustices against Dalits were thwarted by none other than Gandhi. Gandhi was an example of typical upper caste people, who would go to grave rather than leave his caste privileges.

Now let comes to the point how Manuwadi are weakening the reservation system from within. First, they are diluting reservation system by including non-Dalits people into SC (Scheduled Caste) category. In 2012, The Dahiyas, who are a well-off upper-caste community in Madhya Pradesh were included in SC list. Similarly, the Pulluvan and Thachhar community are included in Kerala.

Not only just Dalits, the so-called upper caste people are getting into reserved category by manipulating law. For example, in Uttarkhands, some Brahmins with surname ‘Joshi’ have acquired ST status. In Himachal Pradesh, some Braahmin with ‘Sharma’ surname have entered OBC fold. Some ‘Mallick’ and ‘Parida’ have acquired ST status in Orissa. The presence of so-called upper caste people in reserved fold is making sure that substantial reservation benefit are withheld from Dalits.

 Even current PM Modi, who is an originally Baniya, became OBC in early 90’s albeit legally. His made-up lower caste background played a key role in mobilizing of support of SC, ST and OBCs in last Lok Sabha election in favor of Brahmin party called Bharatiya Janata Party.

Another method adopted by the Manuwadi to weaken the reservation of system is by creating further division of among Dalit populace. In Bihar they have created two sub-categories, i.e, Dalits and Mahadalits akin to ‘Forward Dalits’ and ‘Backward Dalits’. This is not only weakening the reservation system but creating further fissures among Dalits themselves.

The manuwadis, irrespective of their ideology and colour, are making relentless attempt to push for reservation for so-called upper caste people. The states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttarkhand are on the verge of implementing reservation that ranges from 10 to 14%, for so-called upper caste people. If implemented it would be disastrous.

First, the reservation system since 80’s is based on ‘Forward class’ and ‘backward class’ model. Forward class people as per definition are socially and economically well-off. The so-called upper caste people fall into this foreword class category. Second, the population of so-called upper caste people is maximum 18% and thus availing reservation upto 14% means a vast majority of them will avail reservation exclusively like deprived SCs and STs.

The manwadis made it clear that 50% open category is non-negotiable. This means any reservation for so-called upper caste has to come by taking away some % of reservation from SC, ST or/and OBC categories.

The criminal jurispendence system, which is dominated by so-called upper caste (who favor themselves in legal matter), especially the Brahmins, issue directives to Govt from time to time to dismantle reservation system citing bogus ‘National Interest’ excuse.  In India, majority of discriminated people are oblivious to the fact that Constitution, court of law, state machinaries, police etc. are merely modern covers under which the casteist Manuwadi operate implement their real law, i.e, Manusmriti that safeguard their casteist privileges and protect them from their crime against majority.

The above fact-based points clearly show nefarious design of these evil people. Their ultimate aim is to disintegrate reservation in toto.